Wymondham (U16’s) Jiu Jitsu Club
Monthly Report
November 2016

Infant and junior student group, celebration photo

We started the month off with ensuring everyone had water bottles and footwear and if they didn’t have everything by next week then it would be burpees. Got everyone on the mat and called line-up. They were too slow so we repeated until faster. Asked questions after line up. Warm up then random breakfalls: left, right, front & back. Fitness 10 of each: Press-ups, sit-ups, leg raises & burpees. Went over details about grading and practiced all techniques needed. We finished that lesson off by Logan and Coleman Parlee being awarded a medal for completing a full line in their star cards.

Congratulations to Katie-Lee Shannon, awarded student of the month, November 2016

The following week was grading day and started the assessment off with lining up at the edge of the mat, bowed onto the mat, sitting everyone down and explain how important it is to work hard due to having failures the day before. (A little pep talk helps us all) Line-up, questions, warm-up, breakfalls and fitness tests – 20 of each exercise: press-ups, sit-ups, leg raises & burpees was the beginning. Water break and then partner up and complete grading techniques: Handshake, twist, leg sweep for infants – juniors doing a stamp kick. Handshake, twist, leg sweep scarf hold for infants – juniors finishing with an armbar. Shoulder hold to the mount and schoolyard bully.

Due to the class, not kiai when the command was given, an extra 40 burpees was added during the testing but in increments of 10 not at once. Grappling with multiple changes. The last test was to perform burpees, lower belts being able to stop at a set amount unless they wished to continue with the maximum stopping at 60 burpees. On top of the other burpees that they were giving at the start, during and end was in excess of 100 burpees. Fantastic fitness from all. Fantastic fighting spirit and the ability to never give up. New students performed excellently throughout…

Logan and Coleman Parlee were moving back to Canada so were issued their grading belt and certificate at the end of class. After speaking to mum, Logan will be getting back into ice hockey but plans to start up a martial art once things are settled. The boys have been fantastic and well behaved whilst they were training at Wymondham Jiu Jitsu club and I’m gutted to see them go but wish them the very best of luck and success with whatever they choose to do. Well done boys, keep training hard! Osu!

Logan & Coleman Parlee leaving Wymondham Jiu Jutsu club and returning home to Canada – good luck boys!

The week after gradings is games and presentations and the children arrived super excited about having fun. At the end, each child starting from the infant, leading to the juniors came out and received their new belt with all getting applause from the mums and dads. We finished by taking a group photo and then throwing all belts in the air to celebrate.

November had five weeks of training so after a jam-packed month we moved on to a new technique and dedicated the time that we had learning a new throw called body drop. I was very pleased how quick they grasped this technique but look forward to advancing it with a good finish off.

As you are all aware December is on our doorstep and look forward to spending the next few weeks winding down for Christmas when the club will be closed for two weeks.

The last lesson of the year will be Tuesday 20th December

Nice smile Ben!

More fitness…!

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Nice arm-bar Kes!

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Del Shannon Sensei & Kevin Pell Hanshi

Jack learning to body drop…

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