Wymondham (Teenager & Adult) Jiu Jitsu Club
Monthly Report
November 2016

Eden Ciannarella giving it all…!

The first week of the month the teenagers and adults lined up at the side of the mat waiting to be bowed on. A quick bow and then meet and greet everyone. Josh lined the class up before a general warm-up by running around the mat moving different parts of the body. Straight into breakfalls – quick drink then fitness test (After completing I made a point about performing fitness test with correct form. Go as quick as you can but don’t cheat yourself by doing a half-hearted exercise). Quick drink then into the syllabus. Both the teenagers and adults practiced in their groups until 9 pm when the teenagers finished up and went home.

Alex & Louis practicing their baton work

I partnered Chris and Eden together and assessed where Chris is with his white belt techniques (a little pressure doesn’t hurt us at all) performed well, just needs a little more aggression. Worked with Rosie on Kubaton techniques — needs more work but is getting there. With half an hour left of the class, got everyone to pack stuff away, quick drink of water. Placed Joshua Ciannarella out the front to put under pressure. Using the other Adults in the class: Gavin Margrie, Eden Ciannarella, Rosie & Chris Greer to performed throws on Josh; each time doing four.

As we had low belts and most only knowing three throws they would perform one of those throws when it was their turn. This meant that Gavin would perform the remainder throws. Josh although tired got thrown an estimated two hundred times. He would then casualty drag the other students in the class. Great effort and was rewarded by running to the toilets to be sick…J

Finishing off by reminding everyone about anniversary dinner, cost, location, dress code etc, etc… Grading sheets will be handed out next week, most have got Ishin Ryu bag gloves with a few now on order.

Nice throw Rosie!

The following week the children just finished their grading so Josh quickly warmed the class up whilst I got changed. Again, straight into syllabus – we do a lot of syllabus work but is always needed as we all know how quickly gradings creep up on us and believe me, you would rather know it than worry that you are going to muck up. Most can perform when you are not tired and exhausted but if you flip that on its end, you will quickly see how the tables turn. No matter how many times you have done it, you can always get better…!

Last 20 minutes everyone got their bag gloves out and smashed the bag around, not just milling, we did legs, elbows, knees & kicks. 1-minute rounds with changes, fireman carries, more bag work, grappling and then two-minute rounds to finish – 1minute head strikes, 1-minute power punches. (Eden got 50 burpees for not putting dates in the front of his syllabus folder — I’m sure he will get it sorted for next week otherwise it’s double) Handed out grading application and envelopes to both and explained hand-back date.

Chris loves Kubaton work, lol

The third week of the month started in normal tradition: line-up, warm-up, (No breakfalls today) then fitness, we transitioned from throws, burpees and over & unders for a good warm-up before again getting into the syllabus. Dee Christie caught a lovely elbow to the head accidently by Chris Greer (Practicing breaking grabs to the lapel – she had a lovely egg growing on her head)

Josh got busted in the mouth by little brother when he performed a sacrifice throw and landed on his face – blood time… (he’s ok, nice fat lip – I’m sure Josh will want to return the favour)

Unfortunately Dee is like me, a bit vertically challenged but great when throwing

The last week of the month I had fun when trying to connect the trailer to the car only to find that the shock damper had failed and was leaking oil. With no way of getting a hire van, I traveled to Wymondham to perform techniques without mats. Luckily within the cupboard were mats that we could utilize. Different from our jigsaw mats which enable you to do anything without coming apart – this was not the case for these but better than nothing. I’m sorry if this influenced your training but all should be back to normal next week. With December coming I look forward to sorting out those last-minute touches ready for gradings. See you all soon… Osu!

New student William working hard…!

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Del Shannon Sensei & Kevin Pell Hanshi

I think Josh was in pain – Ouch, bad brother…

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Monthly Report
November 2016

  1. Awesome month training with the Wymondham dojo as always Sensei!!

    Osu ..

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