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Monthly Report, August 2014

Wymondham Dojo August 2014 Monthly Report by Sensei Del Shannon

Giant Cards!

Congratulations to Freddie Bateman from the Infants, Daryl Dixon from the Junior group receiving student of the Month award for August 2014.

With everyone on summer break, there was a good chance that lessons were going to be a little quite as students were away sunning it up and enjoying some hard earned rest and recuperation with their family or loved ones.
With the students that were still able to make training, we worked on a new throw called ”Body Drop,” the Infants being the first class started getting their footwork correct. Starting at one end, we got the entire Infant students lined up behind one another with their legs slightly apart. The boy/girl at the back of the line would crawl on their belly through everyone’s legs until they reach the front and adopt a wide stance similar to a body drop, once that person was at the front of the line, the next person at the back would repeat the process until they reached the other side of the matted area. This was great fun and of course, could not resist being involved with this.
Moving swiftly on, we started working on the Body Drop, getting all students practicing this technique until I was happy enough to make a game from it. The aim of making a game for a technique is to aid in the repetition and have great fun by doing so. We used lots of games like “Stuck in the mud,” which starts with one person being the catcher and running around trying to tag another, once caught you would stand still and could only be freed by another person crawling through your legs from behind and performing a Body Drop Throw. They learn technique, speed, agility and of course have fun by being involved.

With lots of repetitions and changes to the catcher we started learning something a little different and move to the floor. I started with a technique that I call “Look no hands,” one student would lay onto their back whilst their partner would lay on top of them, they would not be able to use their hands to hold them down; the person at the bottom would have to escape as quickly as possible. The aim is for the person lying on top to relax, sinking all their weight and not relying on strength, the person on the bottom would learn how to cope with this effect and escape. Once caught they changed over to try different weight and sizes…

I introduced a new fitness game, using giant cards split up into equal amounts each student would run to their pile of cards, turning over the top card and completing that number that was displayed with burpees, running back to the start and repeating the process until all cards were turned over. I added the jokers to the pack, which meant if you were unlucky enough to turn over a Joker card, you would complete twenty burpees. The glory of the game was you didn’t know if you were going to get it hard or easy…

The Teenagers and adults were fairly quit as most were away on holiday with their families. Andrew Holmes has being working very hard with trying to get everything perfect before attempting his first belt but is getting better as weeks pass. Joshua Ciannarella is doing really well with his yellow belt syllabus and I think if he carries on with his regular training would definitely be ready for his grading and possibly attempt orange as well…
We had an adult called John try out a couple of lessons, after practicing Ninjitsu for a few years has blended in really well; after he has returned from Portugal hopefully will join us and learn all about Ishin Ryu.

Wymondham Dojo August 2014 Monthly Report by Sensei Del Shannon

Juniors practicing their forward rolls!

Wymondham Dojo August 2014 Monthly Report by Sensei Del Shannon

John Throwing Sensei Del Shannon about!

Wymondham Dojo August 2014 Monthly Report by Sensei Del Shannon

Joshua Hanton performing good technique on Alby Barker…

Wymondham Dojo August 2014 Monthly Report by Sensei Del Shannon

Look no hands…

Wymondham Dojo August 2014 Monthly Report by Sensei Del Shannon

Try catch that belt!

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