What’s new at Ishin Ryu – 10th December

This is the first post of a new feature to up date users of the Ishin Ryu Ju Jitsu site with what has been happening both on this site and across social media.  So here goes with what has been done this week!

  • All November reports have now been added.  They have been shared to Facebook and Twitter
  • A facility to subscribe to the site via email has been added to the site in the footer
  • We will now also be sharing news and other information on our Google+ page

You may be interested that the site now contains:

  • 106 news posts
  • 53 pages
  • 795 images
  • 65 categories

We have also now registered the site on StatCounter which generates some interesting viewing statistics (the little figure in the bottom left hand corner of the home page tells you how many visitors this site has had – currently running at  8753!)

Below you can see a graph of visitors since the app was installed on 24th November followed by a map of where visitors have come from this week.

Visitors Nov Dec

Visitors Nov Dec

Visitors to the site

Where visitors have come from this week



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