Thetford Ju Jitsu Club
Monthly Report, October 2014

The Thetford Dojo October report report is mainly taken up with our charity event for Hounds for Heroes. Students had to raise £5 or more so members of their families could join in with the lesson. With a good turnout of parents in both classes, it was going to be a fun night for all.

Crash mat session

The lessons started with a general warm-up of fitness and interaction of cardio team fitness. Plenty of SAS and fitness tests to see how the parents would cope with what the students do every week as general cardio training.

Students and their parents loved doing the team events and especially the crash mats. It was amazing to see the parents trying to outdo their sons/daughters. The parents did ask for more water breaks then the students normally do, I think that was their way of getting extra breaks.

The students also got the chance to do self defence against their parents, so they could see that they would work against adults in real life situations. And of course they enjoyed putting their parents under a bit of pain and control.

After nearly two hours of infants and juniors having a fantastic time with their parents it was the highlight of the night when they could do the ZOMBIE GAME.

By the end of the game the adults were completely tired and the students wanted to carry on, which was really funny to see. Everyone had a fantastic time on the mats and it was amazing to watch them take part.

I would like to thank all the parents for giving up their time and to the students for raising money for our new charity Hounds for Heroes.

General warm up

SAS and cardio training

Self-defence techniques

Self-defence techniques