Norfolk Ju Jitsu Clubs
Teenager Gradings
13th December 2015

Event Description: The teenagers from the Norfolk Ju Jitsu Club will be graded at Headquarters under the supervision of Sensei Sheila Herbert and Sensei Del Shannon.

We will then be attending the local public house for a celebratory meal estimated to be at about 1.30pm.

Date: Saturday 13th December 2015

Time: 09:00-14:30

Location: The Old Bakery, The Street, Caston, Norfolk, NR17 1DD

Age range: 13-16 years of age

Cost: The meal will cost £13.00, plus extra for drinks.

Dress code: Please ensure that the children are dressed in their Ishin Ryu Ju Jitsu uniforms and belts.

Equipment requirements: Please ensure your child brings all their training equipment relevant to the grade they are undertaking, along with adequate drinking water and a hand towel.

Please ensure your uniform to be inspected is clean and pressed.

A warm sweatshirt or hooded top is required after grading to keep warm.

Special instructions: Presentation Ceremony

An opportunity for parents and family to attend a special presentation for the children. Children will receive their new belts and certificates. Please feel free to bring along cameras and Video equipment! This will be a fantastic opportunity for individual and group photographs with the instructors at the end of the presentation.

This will normally be about 1.00pm. Please liaise with the club instructor for further details.

Please ensure you have suitable funds to buy your drinks whilst we eat.

Last Booking Date: Wednesday 18th November 2015

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