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Monthly Report, July 2014

The Junior group presenting their new belts!

The Junior group presenting their new belts!

Congratulations to Imogen Jones from the Infants, Liam Pickup from the Juniors group receiving student of the Month award for July 2014.

At the beginning of July students from the Bishops C of E School Dojo undertook their grading exam. With the Infants starting first, we commenced the class demonstrating their formal line-up, training oath and questions about the club; basic questions being asked to the young ones of the class and the more difficult questions to Katie-Lee Shannon and Kimberley Simmonds who were attempting their 1st Mon
(Black/White) the highest belt to be achieved as an Infant in Ishin Ryu Ju Jitsu’s grading system.

I was happy with the progress of the class so moved straight onto warm-up and stretches before we went onto the Infants fitness test. We have a few young students in this class that give their press-ups a good bash and can’t quite get their arms fully bent but they made a good effort. However they are able to push out Burpees all day long!

After a a water break it was straight back into it. stances were next with left and right being shouted multiple times to get their young minds focused on what was to be achieved. From here we moved onto basic throws. Katie-Lee Shannon and Kimberley Simmonds were instructed to perform multiple throwing techniques, both doing so to a very good standard. Next, blocking from a punch, taking their partner down by the throwing technique they have been practising and finish off with one of three pins: Scarf Hold, Shoulder Hold and Chest Hold; the class demonstrated each of these techniques well.

The children were all doing so well so we started making it a little harder by adding fitness in between Kneeling and standing grappling. Each time I thought that a student had shown me enough to pass their current belt I would sit them out. Which left us with the last two of the class. Katie-lee Shannon and Kimberley Simmonds who started together when the Bishops School Dojo was first opened are now completing their last belt as an Infant before moving up. We made it a little harder for the both of them; given that they are only eight years old this was not going to stop them and they both continued to perform what was asked of them. We finished off with fifty burpees – a task would defeat most adults from fresh let alone after fifty minutes of training! The class performed and I was only pleased to congratulate those that had passed and a big applause was given from the on-looking parents.

Juniors were up next and with them all ready to go, they were given a little pep talk to keep them in the right frame of mind. We started exactly the same as the Infants; the senior belt of the class, “Billie-Jo Shannon,” would ensure that everyone was correctly lined-up; questions were then asked to the class before warm-up, stretches and fitness tests, the higher the belt the more was expected of them. Grading techniques were then performed – variations of rear strangles and throws. With them all lined-up they demonstrated on each other repeatedly until I was happy with each persons performance. We then moved up a gear with random fitness tests, standing and kneeling grappling, random breakfalls with regular water breaks to keep everyone hydrated. Everyone gave a great performance and all passed – there was a big sign of relief knowing they don’t have to re-take!

The following week was re-tests, anyone that had to take their grading exam due to being un-well the previous week. Those who had passed took part in games as a reward for all their hard work leading up to the gradings and presentations. This is a joyful time knowing that you have progressed to the next level.
In the following weeks we had fun trying blind folded grappling which tests the individual on his ability to work without the use of eyes. All students also had to practice with punching and kicking pads and there were relay races were made for the smaller ones which was enjoyed by all.

Congratulations To Imogen Jones from the Infants receiving her Student of the month award! Congratulations To Liam Pickup from the Juniors receiving his Student of the month award! The Infant group presenting their new belts! Katie-Lee Shannon and Kimberley Simmonds being pushed by Junior grades… Students having fun hitting a shield! Juniors ready for press-ups!

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