St. Columba’s College (U16’s) Jiu Jitsu Club
Term Report
Autumn 2016

Happy class with new belts

This term student of the month has gone to Charley Medley – Davis. Charley always works extremely hard and is always helping other students in the class. Well done Charley – keep up the good work.

Student of the term Charley Medley – Davis.

 This term all the kids at St. Columba’s have been working so hard, from learning some new throws and hold downs and also learning some fun arm and shoulder locks.

Everything we have done at the beginning of the term ties into the end of term grading with the students showing how to put an arm lock on and also defend themselves from a bully whether it is them kicking punching or grabbing.

The students have been having loads of fun with this, with one in the pair being the bully and the over being bullied.

Zac Alley with a good arm lock.

With some of the new students this term we have also been going over some basic moves. Every lesson we start off with a lineup and warm up then get into are breakfalls so everyone is forever learning how to breakfalls as it is a big part of Ishin Ryu with the number of throws and takedowns we do. The most popular breakfall is the front rolling, as it builds ups the student’s confidence in rolling and also gets them ready for harder throws as they go up the grades.

With the grading’s coming up fast all the students have been working hard on their takedowns and holds arm locks and shoulder locks. With the lower grades just going over the basic fighting stances, front strangles and ground holds, I know everyone will do fine.

With two weeks before the grading, we have been working on some grappling moves to help them moving around on the floor and also get in a better place on the ground, whether it is at the side or on top of the person.

The class has done an outstanding job with their grading having started off a bit shaky and nervous but once they started off with the lesson all the students relaxed and remembered what they were doing. We did a lineup and started off the grading with are breakfalls, calling out in Japanese and the children saying it back in English, left side, right side breakfall, front and back breakfall and finishing off with a front rolling breakfall.

William and Charley practicing breakfalls

I then got them all into pairs and started off with a fitness test having everyone start off with 10 press ups, sit ups, leg raises, and burpees. The fitness level that all the children are at is amazing finishing the fitness tests off like it was nothing.

With the fitness out of the way we moved on to the grading moves starting off with are basic throws four by four, Major outta reap, dropping body drop and to finish with an inside hock. With the throws we started doing some stand-up grappling to really put the throwing techniques to the test; mixing with that some fitness we hit the class with an extra two fitness test in their grading. I could not believe it but they pulled this off no problem all I can say is very well done.

We sat the lower grades down and got all the high belts out to do some extra work starting off with 20 burpees and 10 press ups some more stand-up grappling was on the cards. With everyone all hot and sweaty we now finished off the grading with some questions about Ishin Ryu and the History of the club. The high grades having done a whole hour none stop still had enough energy to put their hands up and get all the questions right.

An outstanding grading by everyone very proud of the class they worked very hard and was amazing to see all their hard work put into practice.

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year, I hope you enjoy the holidays and I look forward to seeing everyone in the New Year for loads of fun and games and Ju Jitsu.

We will be starting the New Year off with takedown grappling and loads of fitness to work off all the Christmas food.

If you are interested and curious to what Ishin Ryu Jiu Jitsu is all about, please do hesitate to visit our website below, alternatively you can ring our headquarters on 01953 483795 where you can speak directly to our chief instructor Kevin Pell Sensei.

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Many thanks,


Tom Garvin Sensei & Kevin Pell Hanshi

Ashwyn Lyseyko and Zac Alley doing outstanding press ups

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