St. Benedict’s Ju Jitsu Club
Spring Term Report, March 2015

The Junior class throwing belts in the air

I would like to first start by saying a big well done to all the students at St. Benedict’s. It has been a brilliant term and the classes have been outstanding with their Ju Jitsu, with every lesson learning something new.

I would like to congratulate Rory Connery who has become this terms Student Of The Term. He has worked so hard over the past month, showing true Ishin Ryu spirit and he is always helping others in the class. A very big well done Rory – keep up the hard work.

Student of the term Rory Connery

Student of the term Rory Connery

Happy Infant class with their new belts

With the Infant class we have also been doing a lot of ground work from holding your partner down, to how to escape from someone pinning you down. This has been building up from a basic hold to them escaping and pinning them down, we have also made it in to a game and everyone is learning why having fun. Hugh Stark really enjoys playing the games and has been practicing with his older brother and it shows as he works really well and gets all the hold downs right.

We have put this in to their grading and I have to say the kids grading were outstanding with all the kids passing with everyone really happy. I am so proud.

With the Junior class there has been the same learning; lots of holds and locks that have been put it in to practice with grappling. This term has been really short with only four lessons and the kids have worked so hard. They did a brilliant grading with loads of happy smiling kids and of fitness.

Happy Junior class with their new belts

Junior class getting ready to do wrist escapes

From next term we are going to be doing more grappling and stand up grappling getting all the kids ready for the up and coming Championship’s in Norfolk I know that some of the children have gone in to it before and come out with medals and I know that this year they will be coming out with gold medals. Keep up the good work everyone.

Have a good Easter and I see you all next term.

Fighting stances after pulling off a brilliant self-defence move

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Spring Term Report, March 2015

  1. jack o'brien // April 9, 2015 at 9:51 am // Reply

    Fantastic report Sempai. It’s good to see the St Benedict’Just Jitsu club doing so well.

  2. Congratulations to all the students that passed their first or next belt in the grading’s. Also well done to Rory Connery who was awarded student of the month, for all his hard work.

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