RAF Lakenheath Ju Jitsu Club
Junior Grading Presenations
19th November 2015

Event Description: The children from the RAF Lakenheath Ju Jitsu Club will be presented their new belt and certificate during their normal lesson

Date: Thursday 19th November 2015

Time: 17:00-17:15

Location: RAF Lakenheath, Chester Street, Lakenheath, Brandon, Suffolk, IP27 9PS

Age range: 8-13 years of age

Dress code: Please ensure that the children are dressed in their Ishin Ryu Ju Jitsu uniforms and belts.

Special Instructions: We have always extended a warm welcome to the parents, grandparents and family of our children to attend these presentations. Please feel free to bring your video recorders and cameras to record this special event for your children.

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