Lionel Ju Jitsu Club
Monthly Report
December 2016

Christmas fun and games

December has been a great month at the Lionel Ju Jitsu club, with the new starts getting deeper into their white belt syllabus ahead of a grading in the summer.

The month has been filled with fun and games as we wind down the Christmas break. Charley Gilroy has been studying hard for her exams at the Nicolson Institute and has still managed to get a few sessions in. In particular, she’s been working hard on her triangle choke and we’ve seen big improvements.

Charley takes the triangle

As a class, we have been working hard on establishing dominant positions. Euan Amos has made great progress with his armbar from the mount, and Melissa Macdonald has been getting to grips with the Figure Four from the closed guard position.

Euan gets the arm bar

Melissa with the Figure Four Shoulder Lock from Closed Guard

We’ve seen massive leaps forward in Williams Donner who is becoming a strangle-specialist, and he’s been working hard on his Cross-Choke from the mount. Meg Sopata-Bell continues to impress and is never shy about sparring with bigger and heavier opponents, as well as showing younger students the basics.

William takes the Cross Choke from the Mount

Meg demonstrates the Cross Choke from the Closed Guard

Eilidh Ferguson and Lewis O’Connor have been doing a lot of work on refining their technique to take-the-back and gain a submission.

Eilidh gains the back the takes a Rear Naked Choke

Jasmine, Stan Sopata-Bell, Jenny Macleod and Zak Manby have all made great progress with their ground work, and January will see them learning to pass the guard from various positions.

The month ended with our traditional array of Christmas games, from tentacle-tag, to dodgeball and onto the likes of Squatball – a fun evening was had by all.

Until next month,

Domo Aragato


Sensei Martin

Lots of fun with the Christmas Games!

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