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January 2003

Soke’s Sermon
January 2003

Well here we go into another year. Firstly, may I apologise to everyone for the lateness of my report, but the website, Honbu and the federation in general is as hectic as usual following the Christmas break. I hope that every one greatly enjoyed their Christmas holidays and new year parties, and I know everyone has had their batteries fully charged for the 13th year of Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu.

2003 started exactly as I thought it would, handbrake off, hands, feet and everything else attached to the steering wheel, and a takeoff speed resembling that of a supersonic jet fighter at mach 4. All the dojos throughout the UK started back on full strength, with all club instructors, myself included, reporting many new keen students lining up at the doors. The weekend of the 1st and 2nd of February sees Les Crook Renshi visiting the Honbu Dojo to run another of his excellent seminars on Kobu-Jutsu. On a similar note, the end of February sees many students from England jumping on the plane to Norway (unlike (Para) Pete Lavelle, who is always trying to jump out of them, once a Para, always a Para!) to attend our federations first ever international winter training course, just outside Oslo.

The construction of the Honbu Dojo is proceeding extremely well, with this months major additions being the installation of a comprehensive central heating system spanning the dojo, changing room, reception area, viewing gallery, office and store room. This was switched on for the first time on Monday the 27th, to the great delight of all the students here, it really is amazing how much different training is when the dojo is comfortably warm at the start of the lesson.

The website is going from strength to strength – more detail is available in the “important announcement” report below, and a detailed breakdown of the site is available in Andrew’s website report. The optimisation has made a huge difference, with the size of the many hundreds and hundreds of graphics on the site halved, resulting in a massive decrease in download times. Also at long last, the various website forms are back to full functionality, and already the E-Mails are pouring in. I would like to mention a special thank you to Dave Gregory from the Thetford / Honbu Dojo for the huge amount of research he does on behalf of the website – virtually all of the “Information On…” articles on the terminology page are his doing. Andrew is kept very busy adding all the links!

The Honbu Dojo begun its second night training for Infants and Juniors on Wednesdays this month, which have been a huge success. Marek (My Uchi-Deshi) and Andrew (The Website Designer) help to teach the kids, and there have been many new students join, and a huge amount training on both nights. The children have been enjoying themselves (and Marek’s Sweets!) a lot, and are all training very hard towards their next grading. Keep practising!

Karate Chimp!
Submitted by Jo-Inge Nordli
January 2003


This is a 2.5 MB video clip of a rather different martial artist…

Click Here To Play Movie!
(Should take about 15 minutes to download)

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