Ishin Ryu News Archive

Soke’s Sermon
December 2002
I would like to start this month’s sermon off by welcoming Joao Santos Sensei, our national director and representative for Portugal, to England to study and train with us at Honbu and Borehamwood. Sensei Joao arrived on Thursday 14th of November, and will be staying at Honbu with me until April 2003. During this time, we will be working together extensively on our groundwork syllabus and putting together the structure for some great seminars next yearAs most of you already know, the Honbu Dojo hosted three very successful groundwork submission seminars under the direction of Sensei Joao Santos. The reports can be found in this month’s news with more planned for next year.
December has been a more hectic month than normal with over four thousand children from Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu taking their end of year gradings, and I would like to congratulate all of my Sensei and Sempai for all the hard work and dedication that they have put in to getting their junior students through their national club gradings. See below for full reports.December also saw our infant and junior members enjoying their end of year Christmas party. This as always is financed by Honbu as a thank you to the children and their parents for their continued support over the years. This year, we held two parties, one in Norfolk and one in Hertfordshire, where the children were treated to clowns, magicians, disco, bouncy castle and of course, lots of children’s burger happy meals.December the 14th saw seventy adult members from Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu sit their national gradings at the Honbu Dojo in Norfolk. This, as always, had to be seen to be believed. The students giving 110% effort with Marek Marcek, my Uchi Deshi, achieving our federation’s first ever senior brown belt (Brown belt with a black stripe), this only having been brought into the syllabus mid 2002.

The building work on Honbu continues on a day-to-day basis. The latest phase is the tiling and furnishing of the Honbu changing room and sauna area, with a brand new central heating system being installed in the dojo, changing rooms, downstairs and upstairs offices and the relaxation area, the second week of January 2003.Next year promises to take our organisation to new heights with the publication of two of our new books, the releasing of the documentary “The Making Of A Black Belt,” and the official grand opening of the Honbu Dojo to the general public and the media. We also have many international seminars planned, and lots of enquiries from other countries, including seven from the USA to join our ever-expanding organisation (the Sekai Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu Renmei)May I close this year by wishing everybody a very happy Christmas and a prosperous new year. I look forward to seeing you all back in the Dojos in January 2003. God Speed!

Soke in Russia
As I’m sure most of you will be aware, a few years ago I made two trips to Russia to teach Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu. I was delighted to receive these photographs and an invitation to establish contact with us again with a view to further training courses and close protection training. I will keep everyone updated once we have confirmed some dates to train with the Russians.

Paul Fox Sensei
Harrow and Bushey Updates
December 2002

So the festive season is upon us again – except that is for my adult students who won’t start to celebrate until after the grading on the 14th. For the children the annual Christmas party was held in Borehamwood and Santa came in the guise of Ronald McDonald albeit very late and with cold burgers and fries – if you were there you’d know the story. The party itself was quite brilliant with over 200 children from all the London clubs coming together to run around, bounce [on the bouncy castle] and cheer the clowns and then ‘enjoy’ a McDonalds happy meal, as a great way to end the year. One final comment on the party… I’d like to personally wish a Merry Xmas to the little person who left a puddle of coke on the floor for me. I hate to say that I didn’t manage a break fall!INFANTS AND JUNIORS

For my final 2002 update for both classes, I’d like to mention the end of year new starters in the infant class – a warm Bushey welcome to Cormac Bignall-Young and sisters Charlotte and Sophie Richards. I hope you have enjoyed the fun techniques (& chocolate) these past two weeks and I look forward to starting training with you next year.I did remember student of the month this time and this month you get to keep the belt over Christmas and into the New Year! Congratulations to Talisa Mistry (white/green) from Harrow infants and to Joshua Kirby (white/black) from Bushey Juniors. Just a word about Josh, he was my first ever student back in 1999 when I started Bushey and has bettered his fathers Ishin Ryu career by a long way! I promised him that special white/black belt if he improved and it’s really pleasing to him wear it. Well done to both of you.Thank you to all the children for all your cards & presents but more importantly for your support and dedication throughout the year. At times when my working day gets hard, my hobby of ju-jitsu seems like a huge weight around my neck but just with your enthusiasm, enjoyment, laughter and smiles you make it all worthwhile. Thank you.


Just one event dominated the month and with two exceptions everyone was successful. So to Riz and David, I promise that I’ll work with you both to get you through if you give me the commitment & dedication to continue training.

Congratulations to all who passed, I’m really proud of you. Just a couple of words about a few in particular. Dale Marie, you certainly have the dedication & ability and I will help you all I can in achieving your Ishin Ryu goals – providing your back survives! Kaajal, you continue to surprise me and I know all the senior grades are equally impressed. You really epitomise everything that I feel about women & ju-jitsu and I hope you continue for a long time to come. Finally, Mike and Mark – bring on the next grading! I hope my support & commitment to you equals that which you show me.

The ju-jitsu year finally ended on Friday 20th at the ‘Velvet Goldmine’ disco in Watford (I knew all the words to the songs!!). I hope some of you felt worse that I did the next day.

Thank you to everyone who has made this year a success for Bushey and Harrow Dojos. Mums and dads, Sempai Carl & Andy, Soke & Teresa to name a few. Next year will be very challenging and I look forward to sharing it with you all. Wishing you a Happy Christmas and a New Year filled with peace, light and love.


From Sensei Adam Sewell
Judo Grading Report
December 2002

The senior grading at the Honbu Dojo was held on the 22nd of December with 9 students entered. The day was testing for the students but good performances were put in by all. Promoted to White Belt, were:

    • Kieran Lee
    • Teresa Paginton
    • Lisa Staines
    • Kelkee Briggs
    • Shane Tucker

Promoted to Yellow Belt was:

    • Karl Kingsnorth

Promoted to Orange Belt were:

    • Martin Lacey
    • David Poots

Promoted to Brown Belt was:

    • David Kingsnorth

The grading panel consisted of Soke Kevin Pell, Renshi Maurice Thorpe and Adam Sewell Sensei. Many thanks to Soke for the use of the Honbu Dojo, we look forward to 2003!
Going from strength to strength.

yours in Judo

Adam Sewell Sensei

November/December 2002 Children’s Gradings

Infant and junior students across Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu’s British Dojos completed their gradings this month, with some spectacular performances from across the country. Great spirit and discipline was shown by all, and all the Sensei are very proud of their students.

From Sensei Wiggo
National Director Ishin Ryu Norway
December 2002
Dear Andrew!Thank you for the updates to the site, looking forward to seeing the other things on the site tomorrow.I want to thank you personally for the job you have done on the website with all the information we Norwegians have sent to England. I am sorry that there have been some delays from time to time; I will do better in the year to come dear friend. On behalf of Sekai Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu Renmei Norway and my family, I wish you and your family a merry, merry Christmas and a happy and exciting new year.Pass my kindest regards to Soke, Teresa, Marek and Joao and wish them Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Tell Soke that I will call him now, he has called me every time recently.Warm Viking regards from the land off the ice and cold.Wiggo Fiskaa Sensei



Norfolk Kids Christmas Party
Thetford Dojo
December 2002

The children from the Ishin Ryu Dojos of Norfolk, including the Thetford and Honbu Dojos, were treated to a Christmas party today. The children were entertained with clowns, magicians, jugglers, a disco and plenty of food, as well as a full sized bouncy castle. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day, and four students were presented with the “most promising student” award at a presentation ceremony at the end of the day.


Hertfordshire Kids Christmas Party
Borehamwood Dojo
December 2002
The children from the Ishin Ryu Dojos of Hertfordshire were treated to a Christmas party today. The children were entertained with clowns, magicians, jugglers, a disco and plenty of food, as well as a full sized bouncy castle. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day, and four students were presented with the “most promising student” award at a presentation ceremony at the end of the day.


Grading Report
Skedsmo Ju-Jitsu Club
December 2002
Dear Soke!Just a short note to say hi, and to tell you that Skedsmo Ju Jitsu Club has had several tests and graduations earlier this week.We will congratulate some of our members with new belt ranks:14 Infants, age 6-9 yrs, with new belts
20 Juniors, age 10-13 yrs, with new belts
9 Adults to Yellow Belt
4 Adults to Orange Belt
1 Adult to Green Belt (Dag Bjoernseth)
5 Adults to Blue Belt (Connie Olsen, Kenneth Helgesen, Vegar Helgesen, Torbjoern Furu, Aasmund Brokke)
1 Adult to Purple Belt (Claus Limbodal)(Two students failed their test for the Brown Belt, and we will work hard to improve their skills for their re-examination around Easter time.)On Friday 20th December we will have our Christmas party in a Mexican restaurant in LillestroemWe wish you, Teresa and all the Members of our Ishin Ryu family a merry Christmas and a happy new year, and we are looking forward to meeting many of you in Norway at the winter camp in March.

Yours faithfully

Jo-Inge Nordli & Ronny Sannerud


Soke’s News Update
Honbu Dojo
December 2002
Now into its second year, the Honbu Dojo continues to attract many of its local children to such an extent that next year we are starting extra children’s classes on a Wednesday for both Infants and Juniors. Like their Borehamwood counterparts, Honbu’s children have taken their last grading for the year thoroughly enjoyed their Christmas party and clown show, and ended the year with their games night, winning large amounts of sweets from their instructors Andrew Crawley, Marek Marcek and Paul Southgate.
The adult students from Honbu continue to shape up into outstanding students. The dojo now boasts three senior brown belts, and a flurry of purple, blue, green, orange, yellow, white and novice red belts. The adults from Honbu train on average twice a week with many training three times a week, the results of which were very much in evidence on the last national gradings.
Next year promises to be a good year for Honbu in relation to additional construction and facilities. May I end by wishing all my children and adults a very happy Christmas, and I look forward to seeing you at the dojo in January.Friday 20th December saw the adults from the Honbu Dojo enjoying their end of year fun and games night. Paul Lincoln had very kindly set up an aerial assault course, and obstacles to create a scenario that would test the student’s logic and powers of reasoning (for the military amongst you, command tasks). The students, armed with climbing ropes, plastic oil drums, bungee ropes, scaffold boards and a BB pistol, had to get their whole team across a fictitious piranha filled lake, engage a figure 11 (a paper military silhouette of a running man with a rifle) target, and shoot him with 5 rounds of ammunition, recover a depleted uranium nuclear warhead (road traffic cone!) and get the whole team safely back to base with a minimum of casualties in the fastest time. Great fun was had by all, and I was really impressed with the senior grades from the Honbu Dojo for taking charge and getting the whole evening organised off their own back.
Following the games night, everyone was invited across to my house for hot sausage rolls, mince pies and garlic bread washed down with ample quantities of ale, whilst watching the television documentary “The Making of a Black Belt.”


New National Director Ishin Ryu Denmark


The Sekai Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu Renmei world technical council is pleased to announce that Mark Logan Sensei has been appointed the national director for Ishin Ryu Denmark.

Sensei Joao’s News Update
Ju-Jitsu Portugal
December 2002

Hello from Portugal

I’m back in Portugal again, just for Christmas. Of course, the weather here is much better than in England, and it was great to see my students again. Before i came back i had the opportunity to see an Ishin Ryu grading for the first time; it was impressive!!! All the students giving their best, specially Marek, who was on the mat all day long going for his 1st Kyu grade. That was another glorious day for jujitsu!

In mid November, Mill Hill Ju Jitsu Club member Rick Gosling was in Portugal for a few days training with Joao Santos Sensei. A student of Barry Harte sensei and Nick Brooks sensei, he came to the group class, participated in a national seminar and did private classes with Joao, before returning to England.

Merry Christmas for everyone and a Happy new year full of successes. I’ll see you back in January.

Joao Santos



Soke’s News Update
Borehamwood Dojo
December 2002
December saw our infant and junior members taking their end of year gradings, enjoying their Christmas party and receiving buckets of sweets and goodies from their instructors on their last training night of 2002. The children’s classes within Ishin Ryu continue to astonish their instructors with their enthusiasm, energy, and incredible attendance record.
The Borehamwood dojo has eight children’s classes per week, and every class is at full capacity, with many children waiting for a place. This re-assures me and my instructors that we are doing something right. Roll on 2003!The Borehamwood adult dojo has now been running twice a week for the last 13 years, and still continues to attract a calibre of student many other organisations would give their back teeth for.
The Honbu dojo ended up being built in Norfolk where I now reside, but the Borehamwood dojo will always be this organisations senior dojo. As many of you know it is solely down to the loyalty of my students and the overwhelming respect shown to me that I continue to drive over four hundred and forty miles a week to travel from Norfolk to Borehamwood to teach my class.
This was my promise to my Borehamwood students in 1998, and despite sometimes feeling a bit fatigued and run down, I continue to do so four years later, such is my respect for one of the finest adult Dojos in this country. May I wish all my children and adults a very happy Christmas, and I look forward to seeing you at the dojo in January.


December Adult Gradings:
A Special Report by Soke
Honbu Dojo
December 2002
Saturday the 14th of December saw the start of the last grading of the 2002, with everyone from red belt grading for the first time to blue belt grades scaling the heights to achieve their purple belt grading, with the addition of Marek Marcek from Honbu sitting his brown belt / black stripe (1st Kyu).
This grading took place at the Honbu Dojo in Norfolk and began with a comprehensive kit inspection with all the students in full federation dress, followed by a written examination appropriate to the grade the students were taking.Then followed the traditional, spirit building “Ishin Ryu Run,” conducted bare foot outside the dojo, and lead by the senior grades present. This was a more severe run than normal due to the fact that the road leading through the village had recently been re-surfaced with hot tar and stone chipping (the local county council have put a contract out to tender for cleaning the blood and torn flesh off the road!)The whole dojo then proceeded to limp inside the village hall, which was being used as the holding area, in preparation for being called over the road to Honbu to do their grading.The day’s gradings commenced with the red belts taking their white belt under the scrutiny of myself, Paul Fox Sensei, Mark Hayden-Smith Sensei, Joao Santos Sensei and Trevor Steward Sensei. The gradings, some of which lasted for two hours, tested the student’s fitness, stamina, Kobu-Jutsu (weapons training), Ukemi (break falls), groundwork, syllabus techniques, and sense of humour. The individual grading groups were then de-briefed and given their results, before being released to the village hall into the holding area to rest and get a well-deserved cup of tea. I would like to thank Sempai Andy, Carl and Mark for all their help during the day. This was a special occasion for the Sempai, as it was their first time taking a seat on the examination board. Marek Marcek from Honbu made Ishin Ryu History by being the first student to ever take the new first kyu grading of Brown Belt Black Stripe, notching up a grading lasting eight and a half hours on the mat. All the senior grades took their hats off to him for his sheer display of courage and determination.With over seventy adults grading on the day, there were a few inevitable failures. (7 in total) The senior grades were very quick to reassure them that they can re-sit next year. This, as always, demonstrates to the students that this organisation has not got where it is now by handing (or selling!) out gradings of the back of cornflake packets.The end of the grading saw the students line up in Honbu in their Gis for the group photograph.Following the grading, the students were then presented with their new belts and certificates to rapturous applause, before sitting down to a sumptuous three-course Christmas dinner, held at a nearby pub restaurant followed by plenty of ale and singing along to the now obligatory karaoke. 




Happy Christmas
From Last Beat Ltd
(Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu’s first aid training company)
December 2002
Dear Soke and TeresaHappy Xmas!To you two, both Kate and I hope 2003 is your best one yet, and that all your dreams come true, although they probably have already, as you have your Honbu!Take CareLove,


Happy Christmas
From Marcelo Silva, Ishin Ryu Portugal
December 2002
Dear Soke,What a surprise to receive a Christmas message from you. I wish you a Merry Christmas too, and a Happy New Year!!! Have a good one! May 2003 be the best of years that have passed and the worst of the years to come.ANOTHER GLORIOUS YEAR FOR JU JITSU!!Hope to see you again soon,Marcelo Silva from Ishin Ryu PORTUGAL


Happy Christmas to everyone in Ishin Ryu
from Simon in Israel
December 2002
You will probably all be aware that I have been keeping you all updated with news from Israel of one of my friends and former student from the early days, Simon Conway, who works as a paramedic in the holy land. Simon has just sent us an updated photograph of the battle bus, which apparently is so armoured and bullet proof it doubles up as a front line tank! Simon wishes everyone in Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu a happy Christmas and a peaceful new year. On behalf of our organisation, we all wish Israel peace and calm for the future.Soke


Press release from Sensei Wiggo Fiskaa
National Director of Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu Norway
December 2002
This is the artwork for the first ever Sekai Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu Renmei Norwegian International Winter Course, the first Kan-Geiko (Winter training camp). On behalf of the Sekai Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu Renmei, Soke would like to thank Kai Lutkenkirchen from Skedsmo Ju-Jitsu Club for his design for the first winter course.


Happy Christmas
From Ishin Ryu Norway
December 2002
Dear soke and our good friends in England!On behalf of family, and myself the Norwegian senseis and students we want to wish you a peacefully Christmas and a happy new year.Kindest Christmas regards from
Sekai Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu Renmei NorwayWiggo Fiskaa sensei
Thor Martin Møller sensei
Jo-Inge Nordli sensei
Ronny Sannerud Sensei.


From Mark Thomas Sempai
Borehamwood Ju-Jitsu Club England
December 2002
Hi Soke,Another great day for Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu.Congratulations to all that participated in Saturday’s gradings.A big thank you to Teresa for putting me up and feeding me, by the way I am still full from the Steak & Kidney pie.I have got quite a few photos of the day and there are some good photos of the evening meal and party.Thanks for a superb day and letting me get involved. It was great getting involved with the grading, it takes a bit of getting used to and I felt a little uncomfortable at first, but it’s all rewarded by encouraging the students on, not that too many people needed it, as the spirit was high in nearly all that took part.Regards,Sempai Mark Thomas

Borehamwood Dojo


From Barry Harte Sensei
Mill Hill Ju-Jitsu Club England
November 2002
Dear Soke,Just a quick note to say thanks for yesterday, Joao was excellent and such a nice guy too! I would have loved to seen the Judo players faces on Saturday I bet they were shocked. I really enjoyed having a tussle with the guys at the end- great fun. The Honbu is fantastic, a real credit to you.See you soon.Barry Harte Sensei



Sensei Mark Hayden-Smith’s Update
Saint Benedict’s Ju-Jitsu Dojo
December 2002
St Benedict’s Ju-Jitsu Club, which began in September 2001, now boasts an infant membership of twenty and a junior membership of thirty-four. The club is run under the watchful eyes of Sensei Mark Hayden-Smith M.G.R.Y Black Belt 2nd Dan who first trained with Soke Kevin Pell, the founder and chief instructor of Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu, way back in June 1976. The children are taught the same Ju-Jitsu moves and throws as the adults, only “watered down” to prevent the children from injuring themselves. Two of the children’s favourite moves are breaking front and rear strangles and how to defend your self when pushed to the floor. This term the junior children have been learning how to use nunchakus; these are ancient farming implements, which evolved into defensive weapons. Every month, a student who has worked especially hard, is awarded a colour student of the month certificate and wear a black and white belt to show the class they are the senior student. At the end of the year, one child will win the “student of the year trophy” this is usually presented at the annual children’s Christmas party.Sensei Mark Hayden-Smith


Sensei Wiggo Fiskaa’s Update
Gjerdrum Ju-Jitsu Dojo
Annual Christmas Party
December 2002

On Saturday the 30th of November, Gjerdrum Ju-Jitsu club held their annual Christmas Party for all their adults, children and their parents.

The party was opened with a speech from sensei Wiggo. The children then put on a display of Ju-Jitsu accompanied by loud music, light and smoke effects. Following this was a display from Heidi Vien, Sensei Wiggo and Sensei Thor of self-defence. Sensei Wiggo and sensei Thor then gave a display of defence against a stick or knife.

The audience were very impressed with the show. Their applause reverberated in the dojo.

I would like to thank Ole-Ivar for all the help with the sound, lighting and other special effects. He was presented with a statue from Gjerdrum Ju-Jitsu club.

I would like to also thank Hedda from the local newspaper, Romerikes Blad, who made an article about the show.

All the children and adults in the club received a statue and a diploma as a thank you for their support during the last year. Anita Bjørndahl, Rolf Fardal, Heidi Vien and John Bjørnstad were presented with a plant for all their hard work within our club.

Sensei Thor and I would like to thank all the families that attended the show, and shared coffee and cake with us afterwards, and for all their continued support that they give to our club.

Domo arigato gozai mashita.

Sensei Wiggo


Potters Bar Karate-Jutsu Dojo
December 2002
Congratulation to TOM FIELD, 13th Mon (White/Black Belt), on being awarded Student of the Month December 2002November has been a very good month for the club with good attendances despite Halloween and bonfire night. I was very pleased with the recent gradings, which everybody passed, most very well. Individually all of you have improved which is very rewarding not only for you but your sensei as well. I could pick out individual people, but this is unnecessary as all of you have improved, and it is as always difficult to pick anyone in particular. December is a very short month for the club the last lesson being the 12 December. I hope you all have a very happy Christmas and new year. The club reopens on Thursday January 9th. Remember each month I am looking for the next Student of the month. This is not a decision I take lightly as I want to reward the best student overall, it is however quite hard as nearly all of you qualify each month!See you soon,Sensei Martin Fricker


Sensei Trevor Steward’s Update
Thetford Dojo
December 2002
INFANTSFirstly I would like to congratulate all of the following infants that graded last month.Graded to White/Red Belt

  • Alexander Jarratt
  • Alfie Cornwall
  • Josef Woodend
  • Kyle Woodend
  • Billy Winstone
  • Derrick Summers
  • Max Smith
  • Olivia Connelly
  • Andrew Connelly
  • Daniel Robertson
  • Terry Whiffen

Graded to White/Yellow Belt


  • Kyle King
  • Daniel Jerrold

Graded to White/Orange Belt


    • Thomas TusonGraded to White/Blue Belt
    • Sebastian Goering
      All the infants graded really hard and showed true spirit, even at such an early age. As I have said many times before it is great to see the change in children’s attitude towards other children and how the demonstrate the techniques. I would like to say a special well done to Sebastian Goering who has been training at the club since it first started 18 months ago. He is the highest graded infant I have trained since I started teaching, and has grown into a great student with a lot of respect for the art and me. It has been a great pleasure in training him, and all of the children in the infant class. it has grown to a great size with all of the children training every week. As an instructor it is great to see the children have so much fun, and to bow at the end of the learn looking happy with themselves. It also great to see a full turnout from all the infants for the Xmas party on the 8th December. It will be a great day with one lucky child receiving the most Promising student of the year. It has been very hard for me to decide which child should be award with the trophy this year, as all of the children deserve it as they have worked so hard. Keep up the great training guys. Have a great Christmas and New Year. And I hope you get all the presents that you have asked Santa for.

Congratulations to the following juniors who passed their gradings last month
Graded to White/Black Belt

  • Jeanett Flowers
  • Benjamin Jordan
  • Michael Jordan
  • Scott Mcardle
  • James Sillett
  • Benjamin Holdsworth
  • Finley Wheeler
  • Amy Lancaster
  • Thomas Lancaster

Graded to Yellow Belt

  • Luke Frost
  • Jordan Harding

Graded to Yellow/Black Belt

  • Ben West
  • Freddie Cunningham
  • Kaleb Goering

Graded to Orange Belt

  • India Harris
  • Oliver Shilling
  • Ian Mockett
  • Alfie Cornwall

The juniors grading was really fantastic, they all showed true spirit and determination to pass their grading. it is great to watch students do techniques without any fear and to see it just flow. All of the juniors are doing handstand break falls, long distance break falls and much more. I watched them throughout the grading doing a Kata of blocks to perfection. And break falls where three students going at the same time, doing long distance break falls picking up an object and turning to strike the attacker. What ever I ask them to do they just soak it up and want more. It is pleasures to watch them do stand up grappling where they have to take the person to the floor; using a technique they have been taught in training at the club. Sometimes they do a sweep or take down that they have developed themselves. It gives them so much confidence and ability to fight back. There are so many students that been with me that have moved up from the infants to the juniors and the juniors that started a long time ago to mention. So I would just like to say to all of them a really big well done. I look forward in seeing you all at the Xmas party on the 8th December. I wonder who will receive the most promising Student of the year. I wish you all could get it as you all have worked hard this year. On that note have a great Christmas and New Year.


Welcome to our newest member to the adult class Dean Johnson. It is great to see that most of the class will be grading on the 14th December, the last grading for this year. The evening meal will be a great way to finish of the year. It has been a great year for the Thetford club with many Top courses being held at the Thetford Dojo. Good luck to everyone that is grading, keep focused, relax, let it flow and fight hard. It was good to see a Thetford student at the groundwork coarse that was held recently at Honbu. It was a great coarse, with many new tricks for me to try on Friday nights training at Honbu. It was also good to see many fellow colleagues from the Borehamwood dojo and the affiliated mill Hill Dojo. We worked very hard throughout the day ending it with groundwork fights. I look forward to many more great courses next year at Honbu.


Hi guys,

Welcome to our newest member Paul Colbourn. Not long now before the last grading for this year. Good luck to all of you that will be grading, especially the ones that are grading for the first time. As you all know there was a groundwork course at Honbu last month, which I attended. It was a great course, and gave me some new tricks to try out at my next training session at Honbu. Moving to the Blyth-Jex Leisure centre was a good decision, and hopefully we will get a lot more passing trade. With some hard work next year the Norwich Dojo will grow a lot stronger. Keep up the great work and look forward your grading on the 14th December.

On that note I would like to thank you all for your support and commitment to the club and me, because without your support there would be no club. Have a great Christmas and a happy new year.

See you next year for a great 2003

Finally I would like to thank all the parents for supporting their children and the dojo over the last year. The Christmas party is my way of thanking you all. The Club has grown to a great size since it started 18 months ago, and has made its mark in Thetford. I believe the club will only get stronger over the next coming years. On that final note, See you next year.

Sensei Trevor steward 2ND Dan MGRY



Sensei David Kingsnorth’s Update
Brandon Dojo
December 2002
Here are a few lines to let you know what’s been happening since the last report. To start with our Kup grade certificates have arrived and I think you will agree that they are something special. Some of you have received them for your last two gradings.We now have two new Judo mats which I know are getting a lot of use, but as the saying goes “there’s more”; Kwon have informed me that the rest of the mats (21) will be with us around the 16th December. This has been possible due to a joint venture with Brandon Judo Club and us. Sensei Adam and I have split the costs of the mats in preparation for the Judo Club joining us in the New Year. They will be training every Saturday morning in the Village Hall. It is hoped that we can eventually matt the whole floor. Then we would look into purchasing some crash mats.The recent Student of the Month awards go to: Rachel Newman – August, Karl Kingsnorth – September, Scott Palmer – October and Andy Rayner – November. Photo’s have been taken and will be forwarded to Soke for inclusion on the Web site. Soke has told me that the photos will be kept on the Web site so that years down the line you can look back if you wish.Recent courses: – Brandon Judo/Tae Kwon Do held a self-defence day at Great Cressingham. Despite they’re being no power in the hall all day, everyone enjoyed himself or herself. Sensei Adam and myself attended a Grappling Course run by Sensei Joao, at Honbu Dojo, what can I say, an incredible day enjoyed by all. If there are any more next year I would recommend it. I have been told by Soke that there are plenty of other courses planned for the new year and again those who haven’t been on one should give it a go, you will enjoy yourselves and meet a lot of like minded people.Well that’s about it for now except to say that there will hopefully be a pre-grade seminar and grading date announced in the next report early in the New Year. Until then I wish everyone a Happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.Oussa!Sensei Dave


Grappling Seminar Report
Honbu Dojo
December 2002
On the 17th and 24th of November, and the 1st of December 2002, Sensei Joao Santos, the Portuguese representative for Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu, gave three outstanding Ju-Jitsu/Submission Grappling Seminars, drawing students from all four corners of the United Kingdom, including students and sensei from outside of our own organisation.After the initial introduction, students on the seminar covered the basics of grappling, both standing and on the ground, including exercises for grappling, closing the distance, set-ups, take downs, positioning, escapes, counters, and submissions, along with the strategy to execute the moves simply and effectively. Sensei Joao concentrated on the essential elements of basic grappling/groundwork, which benefited many of the students with there cross training.Each seminar concluded with all the instructors and students from a whole range of martial art backgrounds having the opportunity to test out their new found skills on one another. At this point I feel a special mention should be made to Sensei Barry Harte and Nick Brooks and their students, who battled tirelessly all afternoon, showing great fighting spirit. The Mill Hill dojo have become a regular sight on Ishin Ryu courses, and are greatly respected by Soke and his students alike.All of the Dan grades and students who attended the course were personally presented with a colour certificate of attendance by Sensei Joao. All three seminars were a great success, and we all look forward to seeing more of Sensei Joao at seminars throughout 2003 


Sensei Joao Santos’s Update
Honbu Dojo
December 2002
PORTUGESE VERSIONHi there!!!Como quase toda a gente sabe, desde o meio de Novembro que me encontro a viver na ilha de Sua Majestade. Apesar da meteorologia aqui ser muito desagradavel (sempre muito frio e sempre humido e molhado), a estadia tem sido bastante produtiva.Treinar na Ishin Ryu e sempre intenso, os treinos sao duros, as tecnicas sao sempre muito dolorosas e o ritmo e sempre rapido. Diz-se por aqui que este sistema nao e para qualquer um, algo compreensivel quando se tem a experiencia de pisar os tapetes onde ensina Soke Kevin Pell. Durante este tempo tive a oportunidade de participar nos exames dos praticantes mais novos, e no fim de semana de 14 de Dezembro vou estar presente no maior exame de graduacao de adultos de sempre da Ishin Ryu, como instrutor e examinador, o qual vai ter lugar no magnifico Honbu Dojo em Norfolk.Em termos tecnicos, noto que a Ishin Ryu este sempre em evolucao, pequenos detalhes que vao sendo alterados nas tecnicas, novas tecnicas e inclusive a introducao de tecnicas demonstradas por mim anteriormente. Neste sentido, Soke Kevin Pell convidou-me para ensinar na Ishin Ryu, comecando por uma serie de 3 seminarios de grappling que se desenrolaram nas ultimas 3 semanas no Hombu Dojo. Este foi um momento historico, pois para alem de ser a primeira vez que ensino sozinho num seminario inetrnacional, e tambem a primeira vez que alguem vem de fora para ensinar na Ishin Ryu. Esta primeira serie de seminaries tinha como objectivo dotar o sistema de uma melhor componente de grappling, tanto em pe como no chao. Os 3 seminarios foram um sucesso. Em termos tecnicos foi bastante produtivo, notando-se ja uma diferenca e evolucao durante os treinos nos alunos que participaram. Por outro lado, veio gente de todo o lado para treinar nos meus seminaries, inclusive de for a de Inglaterra e tambem pessoas que nao fazem parte da organizacao.No dia 23 de Novembro tive a oportunidade de participar numa competicao interncional de judo. Nunca tinha competido neste sistema, nem treinado judo antes a nao ser uma aula com o Sensei Adam Sewell na semana anterior a competicao, a qual serviu essencialmente para eu saber o que NAO poderia fazer sob pena de desqualificacao. Na competicao lutei primeiro no peso de -78kg (apesar de ter apenas 66kg), onde acabei por alcancar o primeiro lugar. De seguida (em parte pela atitude de “luto logo existo” e por outro lado para que se saiba que um lusitano sozinho pode sempre provocar estragos) fui lutar no absoluto, onde conquistei o primeiro lugar tambem. No total, todas as lutes foram ganhas por ippon excepto a primeira que foi ganha por pontos. A estrategia adoptada foi de lutar puramente jujitsu de Portugal, nao os deixar fazer judo comigo, e nao tentar fazer judo com os adversaries, e pode-se dizer que funcionou. Apesar das regras nao permitirem dar instrucoes para dentro do tapete, foi muito importante para mim ter la presentes o Soke Kevin Pell e o Sensei Adam Sewell (o qual no fim da competicao me ofereceu o seu kimono que eu estava a usar so para competir), e foi um bom momento quando cheguei ao pe com os trofeus e podemos saborear o momento historico em que pela primeira vez alguem da Ishin Ryu venceu uma competicao em Inglaterra. Apesar de nao estar preparado tecnicamente e fisicamente, o dia foi portugues, algo que me deixou muito satisfeito por ter representado no meu pais e a minha arte o melhor que pude. No final acabei por receber tambem o premio de melhor lutador do torneio. Mas como toda a Gloria e em vao, outras coisas mais importantes. Enquanto estou a viver em Londres, e nas alturas em que tenho viajado para Norfolk, tenho trabalhado bastante em acupunctura e massagem Shiatsu. Apesar de ser um lutador, e muito compensador o equilibrio pessoal alcancado pelo facto de ajudar e tratar pessoas. Ao longo deste tempo tenho observado pessoas melhorarem dos varios problemas que as afectam, sejam problemas de saude ou lesoes de treino. Neste momento, para alem de ser conhecido como lutador e instrutor, ja sou tambem conhecido como “curandeiro”. Para terminar, quero agradecer ao Soke Kevin Pell pela oportunidade, de ensinar e treinar aqui, a todas as pessoas que de alguma forma me ajudam nesta ilha, e principalmente, aos meus alunos, os quais eu nunca esqueco, e sao a minha alma e a minha vida….e quando falarem o meu nome
aos que vierem depois de mim
digam que ganhei e perdi
vivi e lutei!

Joao Santos



As you know, I’m living in England now, since mid November. This has been a really good experience for me (apart from the cold and the rain), having the opportunity to train and teach for Ishin Ryu. I have seen that Ishin Ryu is evolving, details are being changed, and new techniques are coming up. The seminars I was teaching were a great success, and I already saw a difference on the mat, in the people that attended the seminar. We have more plans for the future, but you can read about it in the events calendar on this website.

On the 23rd November I had my first experience in a judo tournament, and as you know, I got first in the under 78 kilos class and the absolute class. It was a great moment winning a judo tournament using jujitsu techniques, as well as looking at Soke and Sensei Adam Sewell while I received the trophies I won fighting under the Ishin Ryu flag. It was a great moment having them there by my side while I was fighting.

What also has been a good experience is the fact that I have put my acupuncture and shiatsu skills to work, helping lots of people both in London and in Norfolk. It makes me feel very good, because martial arts in not just about fighting, it’s also about helping people, and this brings a good balance in my life.

Just to finish off, I want to thank Soke for the opportunity of training and teaching here, as well all the people that have helped me during my stay. Also, I want to thank my students for their support while I am away from home and away from their smiles.

…and when my name is mentioned
to the ones who come after me
let them know that I have won and lost
lived and fought!

Joao Santos


Adam Sewell Sensei’s Update
Brandon Judo Club
December 2002

João Santos, the newest member of the Honbu Dojo Ishin Ryu judo club entered the DEREK SKIPPER memorial competition on Saturday 23rd of November after only one weeks training and walked away as, 78kg and OPEN champion. Those of you who have heard of João will know that he is 3rd Dan Ju-Jitsu and also has a competitive grappling background, but he was made to work very hard for his wins.

João entered the 78kg group, as there were no competitors small enough to make a group for his weight, he fought three bigger men and found the going hard. Outclassed in the standing position João tried various ways of taking his opponents to the floor, a place where judoka don’t mind being, but João’s technical ability is as good as any I’ve seen and two fights were won with submission, while one was won on points.

João then fought in the open weight category where he fought another five fights. By now the other fighters had realised that this was no beginner and tried to fight accordingly. Tiring quickly against bigger and stronger opponents João demonstrated the spirit and determination associated with the Ishin Ryu way, and submitted his remaining opponents.

A final medal was awarded when the judges announced that he had been voted competitor of the day.

João was humble in victory telling me afterwards that win or lose he was there to learn. Currently training at the Ishin Ryu ju-jitsu and judo clubs he tells me he is here to improve his skills, it is inspiring to know that someone with the skills he already has still knows he has much to learn and in that is a message for us all.

Adam Sewell Sensei


Honbu News Update
Honbu Dojo Kids Gradings
December 2002

On Friday the 22nd November, the infant and junior students from the Honbu Dojo were graded under Soke’s watchful eye. The students were tested on their syllabus, as well as defences against strangles, kicks and chokes. The students displayed great focus and discipline throughout the grading, especially during the rapid series of break falls (including break falls picking up a rubber knife) and the back-to-back groundwork. Sensei Joao Santos, the national director for Ishin Ryu Portugal, was also in attendance and put the juniors and infants through their paces on their groundwork.

The following week on the 29th, the parents were invited into the dojo to witness the children being presented with their new belts and certificates from Soke and the Dojo’s Sempai. Following a welcoming speech, the parents were invited to take photographs of the presentations and the group photograph at the end of the presentation.



Soke’s Sermon
November 2002

I would like to take this opportunity of introducing to you a very special friend of mine, Danny Smedley, who sadly I lost contact with for quite a few years. Danny is the man responsible for the formation of Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu back in 1989. For the full story, please see the article at the end of this Sermon.Congratulations go to Paul Lincoln, Terry Castelton, Andy James and Gary Williamson on passing their gradings last month at The Honbu and Thetford Dojos.Firstly, I would like to welcome Marek back to Honbu after his two-week vacation in his homeland of Slovakia. The children from the Honbu Dojo have especially missed him, and the adults have all missed ripping the arse out of his English!We recently received an E-Mail from a mother in Australia requesting our Ju-Jitsu badges for use in her making her son a patchwork quilt for when he passes his black belt. This was a great idea, and I have posted samples of our badges to her. A full report can be found on the thank you letters page

The photo shoot for our forthcoming book, entitled “Ju-Jitsu – Ishin Ryu techniques for self defence” went ever so well, and apparently received much interest at the Frankfurt book show. This is the first of a new range of books I have been asked to write under the heading “Martial Arts For All” Our second book on Judo is due to commence mid 2003.

It is with very great pleasure that I announce that Joao Santos Sensei, The national director for Ishin Ryu Portugal, will be coming to England on the 14th of November to study and train with Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu until the middle of next year. Whilst in England, Sensei Joao will be running a number of groundwork seminars in conjunction with assisting me to bring more groundwork into the Ishin Ryu Syllabus. Sensei Joao will also be sitting on the adult grading panel on the 14th of December, before returning to Portugal for Christmas. I am sure we can all look forward to some really good training from this ever popular instructor.

I would like to congratulate Sensei Trevor Steward on the opening of his two latest dojos, based in Swaffham and Norwich, and wish him every continued success. Also I am pleased to report that Sensei Mark Logan from Denmark has opened a new dojo in Copenhagen, and comes complete with an indoor and outdoor combat pistol range, (yes that’s right, combat pistol range!) Form an orderly queue with your passports and Budo Passes for our first live firing combat/body guard course early next year. If you find Mark’s new dojo on Club Search / Denmark, you will see that the new dojo has every conceivable modern including:

  • Changing rooms
  • Indoor and outdoor shooting ranges
  • Swimming pool with climbing and diving pool
  • Warm spa pool
  • Conference rooms
  • Restaurant and cafe
  • 10 bowling lanes
  • Parking for 100 cars and more.
  • Hotel
  • Bar

Also this month, Adam Sewell Sensei started his new Judo club here at the Honbu Dojo on Saturday afternoons, and has really taken off. Teresa (the Registrar and my better half) and Marek (my dodgy foreign ushi-deshi) have also started training in Judo with Sensei Adam, and are thoroughly enjoying it. I will also be starting back at Judo after a 22 year lay off, and am really looking forward to getting my teeth into something I loved so much in my younger days.

I am pleased to announce that the car park at Honbu is finally finished, and wow, what a car park! It is now surrounded by a two-metre wall with pedestrian gate and main automated gates for cars, with a moat (with real water in it!) to the front elevation. The changing rooms now have lights and power, and will soon have a tiled floor and a sauna and steam cabin. Between now and Christmas, we will be adding the finishing touches to the landscaping of Honbu, ready to kick next year off to a new start. That’s all for this month,


Danny Smedley – The origins of Ishin Ryu

I would like to take this opportunity of introducing to you a very special friend of mine, Danny Smedley, who sadly I lost contact with for quite a few years. Danny is the man responsible for the formation of Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu back in 1989. It was due to Danny continually nagging me to get back into training that we ended up training at a Ju-Jitsu club based in potters bar together. During this period of training with Danny I realised that I really should put my life long dreams and plans into action and I started the first ever Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu Dojo at the Hawksmoor Centre based in Borehamwood. Danny was the inspiration and driving force behind the forming of what has now become a Ju-Jitsu and associated martial arts training organisation world wide.

The good news is, Danny recently tracked me down and came to visit me at Honbu where he was amazed at what we had built and the extent to which Ishin Ryu had grown. This has prompted me to share with everyone this major piece of Ishin Ryu history. I, along with everyone else, shall be forever grateful to Danny for having the faith in me, and the foresight to guide me down the path to the creation of a school of Ju-Jitsu that is second to none. Danny is currently taking time out to travel around Europe, but on his return will commence training with me in Ishin Ryu, the school of Ju-Jitsu that he was so instrumental in kick-starting.


Paul Fox Sensei
Harrow and Bushey Updates
November 2002
It only happens 3 times a year but gives me enough stress so that I’ve only just got over one when the next one happens. What am I talking about, well ask any Ishin Ryu Sensei and they will tell you the answer… Children’s gradings!!I really enjoy the event and to see the big smiles on all those small faces makes it all worthwhile, but I just sometimes wish that the behind the scenes work was not so intense, so spare a thought for Teresa who looks after all the clubs. And so I come to my excuse for not awarding Student of the Month belts – I was too busy and forgot. Well at least I’m being honest.INFANTSThese classes are especially enjoyable for me and I always marvel at how much they remember when it comes to a grading. Harrow saw 29 going for new belts and Bushey had 25 and they all passed famously so a big congratulations to everyone who worked so hard. I know a few of you missed out on getting your first belts but as I know too well, the 4 months between gradings fly by. Welcome to George Jackson and Kenneth de Farrier Santana who start in Harrow this month – only 4 months to go!!


An even larger number in these classes took their belts – 38 from Bushey and 30 from Harrow. Just like the younger classes, they never cease to amaze me with what they can do and I’m sure would even put some adults in other styles to shame not to mention scare the wits out of their parents. So I sincerely say, ‘Thank you for all your hard work and wear your new belts with pride’.


No grading for this group – they have a lot of preparation for their first adult gradings next year. Joining the Bushey class this month are David Grocott and Barnaby Dufton who have both settled into their training really well. So well in fact that I have to drag them off the mat at 9pm when their lesson ends!


I’m not too sure what has happened with the local adult population but they seem to be willing to commit to regular training especially in the Bushey area. Perhaps the festive cheer has come early? So Monday nights each week are now taken for James Bardwell, Matthew Smith, Paul Mundy and Rob Drury while Stephan Sherwood looses his Friday night (well only until 9pm) at Harrow. For everyone else, its full ki-ai towards Decembers grading.



Sensei Wiggo Fiskaa’s Grading Report
Gjerdrum Dojo, Norway
November 2002

On Monday the 4th of November, Heidi Vien and Thor Martin Møller passed their grading after the Ishin Ryu run, a written examination and testing of their yellow belt/white syllabus techniques. I was very proud to give them their very well earned obi and certificate after a hard grading. I had called king winter to arrive, but he didn’t have the time to come to Norway at that day.
Monday 11th of November was the day of the junior class going for their yellow belt grading. I invited Mayor Wenche Larsen to the grading, and she was sitting on the panel together with Sensei Thor and I. She told me during the grading that she was very impressed with what the juniors did, especially the spirit and the discipline. Mayor Wenche Larsen gave a speech to the juniors after the grading, she told them that their discipline was very good for them, and this was something they had to bring with them in the future. We had a reporter from the local newspaper (Eidsvolls blad) covering the gradings. I want to thank Magnar from the newspaper for coming and making such a nice article. This was a great day for all the juniors and myself. There is no greater joy than to see your students make progress up the grading ladder.After the grading, all the parents were invited to see the juniors get their new obi and certificates. Sensei Thor and I were honoured that mayor Wenche Larsen was present during the ceremony and had the time to come.I am so proud over my dear kohais (junior students) for their attitude, spirit, and loyalty. I would like to record the names of the juniors that graded:



  • Thomas Bølstad Martinsen
  • Robert Norby Bjørndahl
  • Kim Marius Gabo
  • Magnus Bjørnerud
  • Henrik Graff
  • Magnus Bjørnstad
  • Nicklas Sandum
  • Kristian Wrangel
  • Philipp Thoresen
  • Thomas Fure
  • Patrick Utengen
  • Pål Lund
  • Charlotte Bjørnstad
  • Sondre Hårseth
  • Fredrik Olstad
  • Kenneth Olstad
  • Espen Berg Vien
  • Sindre Moen




  • Hans Anderes Gauterud.

I want to thank of all the parents for joining us for the ceremony after the grading, and for the trust they give Sensei Thor and I for teaching their children.Also, a big thank you to Mayor Wenche Larsen for joining us for the gradings and presentations.

Oussa!Sensei Wiggo.

From Sensei Wiggo
National Director Ishin Ryu Norway
November 2002
.Dear Soke!My thoughts have gone back to the Ju-Jitsu Summer Training Camp in Fredrikstad in 1996.This was the first time I saw you and had the luck to learn some off your special techniques. After the camp I could think of nothing else but your teaching. I had recorded your training sessions and watched it over and over. Ove Sensei, Ronny Sensei, Jo-Inge Sensei and myself tried for many years to reach you, but without results. Now in the year 2002 I sit as the head of your organization in my country Norway and am very proud. Soke, I am so grateful that you came into my martial art life with the key to open more doors to knowledge in the way of the martial arts.My thoughts in agreement with sensei Joao Santos in his recent letter to you Soke.Domo Arigato Gozaimashita soke!Oussa.Wiggo


Sensei Trevor Steward’s Updates
Thetford and Norwich Dojos
November 2002
THETFORD DOJOThe infant class has got to a really nice size with fifteen children training every week. It’s not long before the last grading for this year, on the 18th November. Everyone has worked really hard over the last few months, so good luck to all of the infants. Two of my senior students Terry Castleton and Clinton Gray will be on the grading panel. Don’t forget the Christmas party on Sunday 8th December, where there will be entertainment, clowns, bouncy castle, food, drinks and they are all free of charge. It is the sensei’s way of saying thank you to you all for supporting the club over the past year. I would like to welcome to Thomas and Amy Lancaster who recently joined the Thetford junior class. Everyone did really well when I did a pre grading to see it they where ready for the grading. It was good to see that everyone had been learning the useful terminology sheet I gave out. Did you all see the report in the Thetford and Watton times about the children’s seminar we held at the Thetford Dojo? I will start Bokken training in the New Year for the juniors as we have found a supplier that makes children’s bokken’s. The technical officers had a technical meeting and set out next years calendar, which looks great with loads of one-day seminars at the Honbu Dojo. There will be many different subjects that students will be able to have a go at. Keep an eye out on the web site. It has been a quiet month for the adult class as they have been working hard towards the final grading this year on Saturday 14th of December. The grading meal is now organised, and will be a great way to end the year. The six juniors that moved up into the young adults class are starting to work well along side the adults. I have some good feelings about them and hope they all go along way.That’s all for this month see you soonSensei Trevor steward


It’s great to see Jason back after a long illness. Welcome to our newest member Peter Lang. The club is starting to grow nicely with now nine students training on a Thursday evening. Most of the club will be grading for either their first or second belt, with Martin Platt finally taking his first grading, as he was the first student to start training at Norwich well over a year ago. The technical officers had a meeting last month to organise next year calendar, which looks really good with many one-day seminars, covering many different subjects. It is also good to see the club training as a unit and bonding together.See you all next month.Sensei Trevor


Hojo Jutsu Article
Submitted by Matt Dobson, Thetford Dojo
November 2002
Hojo Jutsu is the feudal martial skill of restraining a prisoner with rope. It was practiced by the warrior class and in particular the samurai, who acted as police officers. The word hojo is made up of the character ‘ho’, which is also pronounced ‘tori’ and means to catch, seize or arrest someone, the character ‘jo’, which is also pronounced ‘nawa’ and means rope, and of course the word ‘jutsu’, meaning art or skill. The actual characters can then be read in English as either ‘torinawa jutsu’ or ‘hojo jutsu’. However, both meanings remain the same. The main reason for tying someone up is because a need has arisen to keep them alive and take them captive, or prevent their escape. This was often the case during Japan’s feudal period, particularly when the captured enemy was thought to be able to be persuaded to part with vital information, or be used in an ex-change deal for someone of importance who had been captured by the other side. There were various other reasons why rope tying was employed in Japan. One further purpose was to secure prisoners who were to be brought before a magistrate and tried for crimes they had committed.
In practically every country throughout the world the feudal era was littered with various means of securing prisoners. The techniques ranged from rope, to shackles or ball and chain. It would seem, however, that no other nation developed such a sophisticated system of rope tying as the Japanese. Hojo-jutsu was incorporated into the samurai’s knowledge of fighting skills and used during the sanguineous era of the ‘Sengoku Jidai’ in particular. The lower class police officers, called ‘okapiki’, were taught very basic forms of Hojo-jutsu under the guidance of senior police officials from samurai stock. However, with the Meiji restoration (1887), the art of Hojo-jutsu began to fall into decline. When prisoners were held captive, they were tied in a specific manner, according to their rank and social status. Each method of tying denoted what class of society the prisoner came from, each was tied in a recognizable way. If a person had been found guilty of a particular offence he was tied in a manner denoting the offence he had committed.
There were special techniques for people with strong arms or people capable of slipping out of the knots, even mad and extremely violent people were tied using special knots. Because the style of tying varied with both the crime and status of a prisoner, the length of rope used varied considerably. Some ropes were only a foot in length, while others reached well over 30 feet. Most of the Hojo-jutsu ropes were made of tightly twined linen that had been beaten until soft. Silk rope was not very popular because it was easy to slip the bonds. However, hemp rope did play a part in various styles of Hojo-jutsu. During the Edo period the use of coloured rope to denote particular crimes and status became popular. White rope denoted someone who had only committed a minor crime, while a blue rope was used to secure offenders who had committed serious crimes. If a person was of high rank then a violet rope was sometimes used, but if they were of low rank then a black rope was used.


The knots used for making the rope secure were many and varied. Some were employed to tighten as the prisoner struggled, while others simply held fast. When a number of prisoners were being conveyed some where together a long length of rope with hand loops secured each prisoner to the other. When the prisoner was conveyed alone the length of rope usually measured seven metres. Even the retaining cord on the sword scabbard was used to secure the unexpected prisoner. There were many classical Ryu (martial art schools) who employed the technique of rope tying in their repertoire. These included Fujiwara Ryu, Chokuji Goden Ryu, Sekieuchi Shin Shin Ryu and many others. Apart from the actual tying skills, the Ryu employed various techniques of throwing and restraining that complemented the art of Hojo-jutsu.


There were many subtle appendages to the rope used in capturing an escaping prisoner. One included a barbed hook. This special hook was thrown as the criminal ran away. However, as soon as it ensnared the clothing the criminal was brought to the ground and secured before he could free himself. The prisoner would then be subjected to an intricate web of rope, which would make him completely immobile. In modern Japan there are very few masters of the martial arts who are skilled in the traditional art of Hojo-jutsu. I was fortunate enough to witness this skill at the hand of Takaji Shimizu dai sensei, the late grand master of Shindo Muso Ryu. It was amazing to see how quickly someone could be restrained and with what ease the techniques could be affected. The art of Hojo-jutsu has not yet died out in Japan. The modern police force still carries special rope with which to secure their prisoners (of course handcuffs are also carried). The rope is also used by the police in Japan to cordon off areas and keep the public back during times of disaster, so its use is not restricted simply to the tying of prisoners.


Hojo-jutsu is an obscure but interesting part of the cultural history of martial arts. It reflects the ingenuity of the samurai class and the manner in which the essence of this martial skill has been passed down, even to today’s modern Japanese police force.

Some additional information from various correspondents:

  • Takagi Yoshin Ryu is a Jujutsu school which began in the 17th century. It was regarded as a ‘Body Guard’ school. Most of the formal techniques in the school end with the attacker being held in a position to facilitate the art of Hojo Jutsu. The way you were tied depended very much upon your social position as well as that of the social position of the person tying you.
  • Hojo Jutsu was hardly ever practised as an art by itself but was seen as a complement to arts such as Jujutsu. Japanese ‘policemen’ used it after the Meiji restoration along with the Jutte, Bo and Kusarifundo as an arresting device for the Samurai who resisted the disarming of them.
  • The JN(Japanese National Police) use the 2 meter rope on the most violent (drunk or drugged) or in situations where there are multiple suspects—riots especially—and yes, these do occur even in the mostly law abiding Japan. Take it one step beyond the single suspect. Suspects can be tied up as well as to one another making it difficult to escape. Imagine trying to escape while dragging one or more people with you. Even if you got your legs free (which is possible but not likely) you would have to make a series of additional movements to free yourself from the other people.


Sensei Martin Fricker’s Update
MMK and Potters Bar
November 2002

October at MMK has been quite an exciting time with new techniques to learn and new activities to participate in. I am especially pleased with the students who have entered the class this term they are doing incredibly well, indeed Marcus Freeman. has won the student of the month.The spirit of the class and the enthusiasm when a new technique is being introduced never ceases to amaze me. The next grading will soon be upon us, with this in mind I will be teaching more syllabus work over the coming weeks in preparation for all of you to know what to expect.


October has been a good month at Potters Bar, with good attendances even though we have had holidays and Halloween. I was especially impressed with Alex Everett, who even though it was trick or treat night, he still managed to do both, well done Alex! I have introduced ‘Sumo’ (grappling) to the class, which I know you love, however it is very physical and you must try to obey the rules, as it can get very painful otherwise. That said it has been very rewarding teaching you this month.Gradings start next week 7th November. I wish you all the very best of luck and anticipate a very high pass rate. Congratulations to new students Ian Gunning and Tom Field who were in contention for the student of the month, unfortunately I can only choose one student and Ian was successful. Well-done Ian!Sensei Martin


Honbu Dojo Gradings
I would like to take the opportunity of congratulating Paul Lincoln on passing his Blue Belt Grading, and Andy James  and Gary Williamson on passing their White Belt Grading at the Honbu Dojo last month. Extremely well done to all of you!


I discovered Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu just over two years ago as a result of reading a poster. I was amazed to find one of the highest graded Ju-Jitsu instructors in the country teaching in one of the smallest village halls. The poster sported a very impressive list of TV appearances and training seminars for Special Forces of several countries, further firing my imagination. I had to go for a look.
The next Friday evening I squeezed past the children’s class as they left after their lesson and sat down to watch a truly awesome set of techniques being demonstrated and practiced. At the end I spoke to the instructor, Soke Kevin Pell, joined, and have been training ever since.
We have had numerous courses, including a trip to Madrid, and last month we had the first Ishin Ryu International course at Thetford. The list of instructors read like a who’s who of the martial arts world. Subjects on offer to try were Karate, Taekwondo, Swordsmanship, Aikido, stick fighting and Judo, plus of course, Ju-Jitsu.
Soke Kevin only opened a class in Caston because he felt it only correct to have one in his home village. In two years, particularly in the light of recent events, the junior classes have mushroomed as more youngsters joined to learn to defend themselves.
Classes are on Fridays – Infants age 4-7 years 6:00pm to 7:00pm – Juniors age 8-14 years 7:00pm to 8:00pm – Adults age 14+ years 8:00pm to 10:00pm
For further information ring the national coach: Soke Kevin Pell on 01953 483795 or visit
The Wayland News
Nov 2002

submitted to the Wayland news by Paul Lincoln, Honbu Dojo








The Gathering Of The Ishin Ryu Mafia


Senior British and International instructors of the Sekai Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu Renmei attending the first international seminar black belt dinner, held on Friday the 13th of September 2002 at the Thetford Dojo prior to the first Shocku Geiko.


Congratulations on the wedding of
Sensei Jo-Inge Nordli and Ronny Sannderud

On Behalf of the Sekai Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu Renmei, I would like to congratulate Sensei Jo-Inge Nordli and Ronny Sannderud on their recent weddings. We wish them every happiness and success for the future.Soke 


Soke’s Sermon
October 2002

May I start of this month (or should I say the end of this month) by apologising for the lateness of this month’s sermon. Those of you that are close to me will know that this is due to an overwhelming workload, coupled with overseeing the construction of the Honbu Dojo’s new car park ect.Firstly, I would like to welcome Marek back to Honbu after his two-week vacation in his homeland of Slovakia. The children from the Honbu Dojo have especially missed him, and the adults have all missed ripping the arse out of his English!

We recently received an E-Mail from a mother in Australia requesting our Ju-Jitsu badges for use in her making her son a patchwork quilt for when he passes his black belt. This was a great idea, and I have posted samples of our badges to her. A full report can be found on the thank you letters page

The photo shoot for our forthcoming book, entitled “Ju-Jitsu – Ishin Ryu techniques for self defence” went ever so well, and apparently received much interest at the Frankfurt book show. This is the first of a new range of books I have been asked to write under the heading “Martial Arts For All” Our second book on Judo is due to commence mid 2003.

It is with very great pleasure that I announce that Joao Santos Sensei, The national director for Ishin Ryu Portugal, will be coming to England on the 14th of November to study and train with Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu until the middle of next year. Whilst in England, Sensei Joao will be running a number of groundwork seminars in conjunction with assisting me to bring more ground work into the Ishin Ryu Syllabus. Sensei Joao will also be sitting on the adult grading panel on the 14th of December, before returning to Portugal for Christmas. I am sure we can all look forward to some really good training from this ever popular instructor.

I would like to congratulate Sensei Trevor Steward on the opening of his two latest dojos, based in Swaffham and Norwich, and wish him every continued success. Also I am pleased to report that Sensei Mark Logan from Denmark has opened a new dojo in Copenhagen, and comes complete with an indoor and outdoor combat pistol range, (yes that’s right, combat pistol range!) Form an orderly queue with your passports and Budo Passes for our first live firing combat/body guard course early next year. If you find Mark’s new dojo on Club Search / Denmark, you will see that the new dojo has every conceivable modern including:

  • Changing rooms
  • Indoor and outdoor shooting ranges
  • Swimming pool with climbing and diving pool
  • Warm spa pool
  • Conference rooms
  • Restaurant and cafe
  • 10 bowling lanes
  • Parking for 100 cars and more
  • Hotel
  • Bar
    Also this month, Adam Sewell Sensei started his new Judo club here at the Honbu Dojo on Saturday afternoons, and has really taken off. Teresa (the Registrar and my better half) and Marek (my dodgy foreign ushi-deshi) have also started training in Judo with Sensei Adam, and are thoroughly enjoying it. I will also be starting back at Judo after a 22 year lay off, and am really looking forward to getting my teeth into something I loved so much in my younger days.
    I am pleased to announce that the car park at Honbu is finally finished, and wow, what a car park! It is now surrounded by a two-metre wall with pedestrian gate and main automated gates for cars, with a moat (with real water in it!) to the front elevation. The changing rooms now have lights and power, and will soon have a tiled floor and a sauna and steam cabin. Between now and Christmas, we will be adding the finishing touches to the landscaping of Honbu, ready to kick next year off to a new start. That’s all for this month,




Soke’s Sermon
September 2002

To begin this months “sermon,” I would like to announce that on Tuesday the 29th of October, Sensei Trevor Steward 2nd Dan will be opening a new dojo at the Swaffham Leisure Centre. Lessons will be held every Tuesday, with the children’s class from 6.00pm to 7.00pm, and the adults class from 8.00pm to 10.00pm. A demonstration will be given by the students of Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu on Saturday the 26th from 12.00pm to 1.00pm to officially open our federation’s newest dojo. May I take this opportunity of wishing Sensei Trevor and his senior student, Clinton Gray (Thetford Dojo) all the very best on their latest venture.On behalf of Ishin Ryu, may I take this opportunity to thank Nick Collins for all the hard work which he has done for the Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu website. Without Nick’s generous input, the site would not enjoy the success that it has today. During Nick’s time with Ishin Ryu, he developed the site dramatically with many new features and graphics. We wish Nick all the best for the future, and thank him for his time spent within our organisation.

I’m sure most of you by now are aware of the familiar face of Andrew Crawley, a student of mine from the Honbu Dojo. Andrew continues to train three times a week at Honbu, as well as attending just about anything going, to do with Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu. Andrew is also the driving force behind the Ishin Ryu Website, and spends countless hours (sometimes days!) with myself updating the site and liasing with the international instructors within our organisation. So, next time you see him, I think a friendly slap on the back would be in good order, as he does work so very hard on behalf of the organisation.

I would like to congratulate all the intermediate and young adult students from the Bushey, Venue and Hawksmoor Centre Dojo who successfully passed their first adult grading under the critical eye of myself, Sensei Paul and Sensei Mark, at the Hawksmoor Centre Dojo on Thursday the 19th of September. I know for many of you this grading was quite a shock to the system compared to your previous junior gradings. All of your instructors are very proud of you.

I would just like to wish Sensei Joao Santos, the national director for Ishin Ryu Portugal, all the very best of luck with his new dojo “Academia de Desportos de Combate de Algés (A.D.C.A.)” and hope it becomes as successful as his other Portuguese Dojos.

Congratulations go to Sensei Paul Fox this month, on the celebration of the First anniversary of the Harrow Dojo, along with Carl Crampton Sempai and Andy Tierney Sempai. May your success continue, you all deserve it!

This month at Honbu has been more hectic than usual with many visitors coming to stay and train from overseas and at home. First we had Sensei Mark Logan and his wife from Denmark. Mark stayed for three days and trained with the students at Honbu. Then we had a visit from Sensei Mark Hayden-Smith, who delighted the children at Honbu with his endless range of techniques and humour. Sensei Mark is one of the most experienced instructors teaching children that I have ever come across anywhere in the world and is considered a god-send by both me and the organisation in general. Then we had Ronny Van Den Burgh from the Borehamwood dojo who came to stay for a week, commencing his training every morning at 8:00am and notching up about three months training in a week. Ronny then successfully took and passed his Purple Belt grading. Closely following Ronny were Andy and Will also from the Borehamwood Dojo, who spent three days at Honbu, training really hard for their orange/green double grading (they’re still recovering from that one!) During that same week, we had Sensei Wiggo Fiskaa fly in from Norway to spend one weeks intensive training with Soke, and successfully passed his Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu Orange belt at the end of the week. He in turn was joined by Mark Thomas from the Borehamwood Dojo, who spent Friday night training at Honbu prior to his Shodan-Ho examination on the following Sunday. During that weekends grading, the Honbu Dojo became a makeshift hotel for a small army of adult students from the London Clubs who stayed overnight to support Carl, Andy and Mark on their Shodan-Ho grading, and three of Honbu’s purple belts (Paul Taverner, Steve Jones and Marek Marcek) going for Brown Belt. Two weeks later, prior to the international course, Honbu was once again an accommodation block for senior instructors from both here and abroad, too numerous to mention! One of these days, I’m going to take myself off on that long promised holiday…



Sensei Wiggo’s News Update
National Director Norway
Sekai Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu Renmei
August 2002
.The Offical Opening of the first Sekai Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu Renmei Dojo in Norway.Friday the 24th of August, Soke Kevin Pell 7th Dan and Sempai Dale Clark had taken the trip to Norway. The purpose of the trip was examination training with Sensei Ove Odegard and Sensei Wiggo Fiskaa (National Directors of Sekai Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu Renmei Norway). The time of the trip was carefully planned, as they wanted to be present at the first official Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu Dojo in Norway.The whole Saturday and Sunday was spent to train syllabus techniques, dojo and etiquette. Soke put a great interest into the theme “Fighting Spirit”, and he pointed out how important this is.
We talked much about how the organisation in England compared to Norway which is driven theoretically and practically. It was a very successful weekend. With Soke’s great experiences which he shared with us and not at least his great cheerful mood, the weekend went fast.Monday the 27th of August was the official opening of the first Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu Dojo in Norway. In this occasion we had invited the newspaper “Romerikes Blad” to make an article about Ju-Jitsu. The newspaper pointed out that this Martial Art was something that was suitable for everybody. The article also said that this was a great initiative of Wiggo Fiskaa and Ove Odegard to start something like this in Gjerdrum rural district. Gjerdrum let the instructors use the local community centre.At 18:00 the first children came together with their parents. First there was a short presentation of Sensei Ove Odegard, Sensei Wiggo Fiskaa, Sith their parents. First there was a short presentation of Sensei Ove Odegard, Sensei Wiggo Fiskaa, Soke Kevin Pell and Sempai Dale Clark.
After this, Soke Kevin Pell informed about the organisation. Further he talked about his background in Martial Art, experience as a bod guard and training of Military Special Forces and the Police.After warming up the children, Sempai Dale Clark showed some ground techniques. Soke followed this training carefully which is based on holding a person down. The children had a great time and they learned the techniques very fast. Soke was very impressed how quickly the children learned these techniques. “Fighting Spirit” was absolutely something these children had.
The parents has also given positive response for the training.On the first day of the Ju-Jitsu training there were 9 children. After the fourth training, we have now nearly 30 children. The adult training has not been such a success yet, but we believe after some more advertising we will also be able to get a hold of this group.Sensei Wiggo Fiskaa.

Andrew Crawley joins the Web Development Team
Soke Kevin Pell and Nick Collins would like to officially welcome Andrew Crawley from the Honbu Dojo to the Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu Web Development Team. Andrew is currently studying ICT web design at Attlebourgh Sixth Form as one of his A-Levels. With Andrew now firmly on board assisting Nick Collins, we can all look foward to even more frequent updates and fresh content throughout the site.


Sensei Trevor’s Update – Thetford – July 2002.

Hi guys, last month was a great month. Welcome firstly to Dave Gregory who has fitted in nicely. Well done to everyone that went on the Basic Close Protection Coarse, it was a great day. Andrew from the Caston dojo filmed the Part when I got searched and the second gun was missed. I am looking forward in seeing it to see the look on your faces. The coarse ended with a great twist when we were doing the close protection drills in the car park. If you want to know what happened you can read the report that will be on the web site soon. Soke and the Sensei’s were very impressed with the turn out from all the dojo’s across the country. Many students meet up with old friends and many made new friends. That is the great thing about Ishin Ryu, that we are one big family all heading in the same direction.

The August grading is only eight weeks away, so there will be a lot of syllabus and cardiarvasilar training. I can’t wait to see what Harrow have got worked out for the party piece at the August grading. you are all starting to get a lot more stronger and fitter due to the new system. As I said to you in the lesson, keep an eye on the website, as it will be updated with new information about the September course, and much more.

Not much more to tell you as must of it I have told you in the lesson. Keep up the good work , and remember superior fitness will never be achieved in the dojo. It will take extra commitment outside in your own time, don’t get caught out like many a student as in the past.

That’s me signing of for this month bye for now, Sensei Trevor.

Lagos First Martial Arts Festival!

On the second of July, Lagos Ju-Jitsu Club, Portugal, took part in Lagos’ First Martial Arts Festival by performing a demonstration of Ju-Jitsu to a crowd of over two hundred people. The demonstration went very well, and was received very well by an enthusiastic crowd.

Sensei Martin Fricker News Update
Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu Mathilda Marks-Kennedy Dojo
25th of July 2002
The 25th was a great success. The day started with a demonstration by the children on the stage followed by the belt ceremony, which everybody was impressed by. Parents walked up to me afterwards saying how proud they were of their children. Children and parents walked up to me afterwards asking for details of how to join, great.Well done to everybody for Thursday. I realise it you may have been a bit nervous on the stage in front of the school, but if anything it made your performance even better, with good spirit and some very good techniques. I hope you all liked your certificates and belts and I look forward to presenting you with your next belts in the not to distance future. Some of you are leaving for your next school or to a new country. may I take this opportunity to wish you well and every success in what you want to do.Above all have a good holidayOussa! Sensei Martin
Sensei Adam’s Judo Update
June 2002

The first senior grading to be held at the Honbu Dojo was a major success and the next grading will be held here in December. I would like to thank Soke Kevin Pell and Trevor Steward sensei for joining Maurice Thorpe sensei and myself on the grading panel. I know the senior students felt proud to perform in front of the panel.

Results of the senior grading, 30th of June 2002:

White Belt:

  • Karl Kingsnorth
  • Lianne Worgan

Yellow Belt:

  • Martin Lacey
  • David Poots

Blue Belt:

  • David Kingsnorth

Yours in Judo,

Sensei Adam



Combat Magazine – April 2002

Soke on the front cover of Combat Magazine for the first time. There is also a six page report inside all about Ishin Ryu.

combatmag1_large combatmag2 combatmag3 combatmag4 combatmag5 combatmag6

Sensei Trevor awarded his Nidan- 27th April 2002

Soke Kevin Pell honoured his loyal student and close friend Trevor Steward Sensei, by awarding him his black belt 2nd Dan (Nidan) for his outstanding and continuous devotion to his art, his dojo’s and his teacher.

This great honour came as a double tribute to one of Soke’s top students as the presentation was made on the 1st anniversary of the formation of the Thetford dojo, and Sensei Trevor moving to Norfolk from Hertfordshire to assist Soke in the future development of Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu.

National Children’s Spring Course- Sunday 14th April 2002
Over 200 children from Norfolk, Hertfordshire and London attended the National Children’s Spring Course held at the Borehamwood dojo in Hertfordshire. The children had the opportunity of learning Judo, Ju-Jitsu, Tae-Kwondo and Karate-Jutsu from many of our federation’s senior instructors.

Sensei Wiggo’s Update – Norway – 16th March 2002

The Historic Day

Saturday the 16 of March will go into Sekai Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu Renmei Norway’s history. That was the first grading ever to be made outside England. Soke had taken the tour to Norway so he could do the grading.

From the children, there were 18 of them that were going to do their first grading. They all past the test. I would like to write down the names off all the children that was whit us on this special day: Thomas Bølstad Martinsen, Tonje Olstad, Fredrik Olstad, Kenneth Olstad, Charlotte Bjørnerud, Kim Andre Witsø, Magnus Bjørnstad, Robert Norby, Kristian Wrangel, Philip Thoresen, Thomas Fure, Cato Strømnes, Henrik Graff. Soke was impressed of the standard and the spirit of the children.

From the adults there were 3 of them that took the grading. Lars Henry Solheim, Thor Martin Møller and Jan-Erik Hansen passed the grading that took about 1houre and 30 minutes. They started with a writing test, followed by “The Ishin Ryu run”. In our case, this means that they have to run barefooted in the snow. Under these circumstances you can really feel that you’re alive. After the run, the grading continued whit techniques from the syllabuse. As the clubs sensei, I can only say that I was very proud and touched when soke and I delivered the belts and diplomas afterwards. There were some delays in the program this day, but we would like to thank the parents that had the patient and understanding fore this. After the grading, there were served cafe and cookies. I would like to thank everybody for their fighting spirit and good attitude. I am very proud to be their sensei. In the evening we went to a restaurant so we could celebrate with a good meal.


Friday and Sunday there were seminar with soke. We had sent invitation to several different clubs. Skedsmo Ju-Jitsu club had brought 20 members. Tønsberg Ju-Jitsu club had taken the tour all the way to Gjerdrum for joining the seminar. Kyokushinkai karate and kali were also represented.

The local TV Company was invited on Sunday so they could make a documentary from the seminar. The shots were later shown on the local TV and also on TV Norge. Soke has an enormous effect to make everybody to do there best at all time. This was very clear, because when I looked around, I could see people trying very hard to get control over their partners. Soke had defence against knife, ground techniques, defence against different attacks and some against guns. Eidsvoll Blad was also there to make a report from the seminar. It all ended up with a full page in the newspaper. On the behalf of the organisation, I would like to thank everybody that had joined us for that weekend to train with soke.

For information soke will come on the front cover of Combat Magazine together with Trever Steward sensei in April. For those of you in the club that would like a copy of the magazine, please drop me a note.

Domo arigato gozai mashita

Wiggo Sensei


Mark Hayden-Smith Sensei passes his Nidan (2nd Dan) – February 2002
Sensei Mark passed his 2nd dan, on 16th February, after conducing a series of weapon katas and advanced combination techniques infront of the Soke Kevin Pell and senior members of the Sekai Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu Renmei world technical council at the Honbu dojo.

Andy and Carl’s Shodan-Ho grading – February 2002
On the 16th February Andy Tierney and Carl Crampton attempted their Shodan-Ho grading at the Honbu Dojo, Norfolk. The morning started with a six mile run, followed by an ice cold lake crossing before yomping the last mile back to Honbu. See Pictures below. Unfortunately after successfully completing the run and swim both Andy and Carl could not complete their fitness test to the statisfaction of the grading panel, therefore they did not continue with the rest of the grading. Both Andy and Carl will resit the grading in about 3 months time.

Grading puts students through their paces

Thetford and Watton Times, Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Martial Arts: Eleven students from the Ishin Ryu ju-jitsu dojo, based at the Breckland Leisure Centre, travelled down to London for their latest grading.
It was a very long day with many other students from around the country also grading.
Soke Kevin Pell and his senior shodans put the students under pressure throughout the day.
Ishin Ryu beleives that students should work for their belts, and not given out just for turning up.
It gives the students pride, that they have given everything they have got to pass the grading.
The club has grown very strong since it started early last year with 18 adults and 20 children training at the dojo every Monday night.
Ishin Ryu has got a busy year ahead as it will be holding its international two-day seminar in Norfolk, plus specialised courses run by cheif instructor Soke Kevin Pell. A documentary about Sensei Trevor attempting his black belt is also scheduled to be shown on television this year.
Overall, it was a fantastic 2001 for the Thetford dojo.
Training times (infants) 5.30-6.30pm, (juniors) 6.30 -7.30pm, (adults) 8-10pm.
Anyone going along on a Monday night to try out the martial art can get the first lesson free.
For any more information contact headquarters on (01953) 483795 or 07836 589038 or the website:


Sensei Paul’s Update
Harrow and Bushey Ju-Jitsu Dojos
January 2002
Having just returned from Brasil, I’d like to start this month with a big thanks to all the students that I met at the Academia Edson Carvalho dojo in Salvador for making me so welcome. A special mention goes to Sensei Edson and Cid – will try to stay in touch.Harrow Adults
New Year resolutions have bought Jitem Chavhay and Rizwan Raza to Ishin Ryu on a Friday night. I hope these resolutions last longer than most – I’ll do as much as I can to see that you keep them… enjoy.Bushey Adults
Three new years resolutions kept to so far with Peter White, Richard Kleiser and Luke Huntley signing up. Well done guys, I know you’ll get a lot out of Ishin Ryu and I look forward to teaching and training with you now that I can train again!! I may be permanently disfigured but there’s no pain!Sensei Paul Fox.




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