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Sensei Adam’s News Update
Brandon Judo Club
December 2001
First of all I would like to thank Kevin Pell Sensei for the support and encoragement in the recent change of associations. We’ve been make to feel very welcome and look forward to a very positive future.Well done Michelle Jarrett on becoming student of the month for October 2001. Her attitude and commitment should be a lesson to us all.Also a big well done to the Brandon Judoka who entered the Derek Skipper Memorial Competition. With 2 golds, two silvers and 4 bronze medals it was another successfull day for us.The first grading under the new federation Banner will be on the weekend of the 12th/13th January 2002. Juniors and infants will grade on Saturday the 12th at the club, seniors will grade on the Sunday 13th at a venue to be announced.Sensei Adam.

Christmas 2001 grading

On the 22nd December 2001,  39 students graded at St. Albans and successfully achieved their next grade
After completing the famous Ishin Ryu run, (performed in bare feet before every grading), the students were put through the toughest exams they have completed to date.

Thetford Host Knife Seminar
On November 25th the Thetford Dojo hosted the first ever full day adult seminar dedicated to Knife work.

With over 60 adult students on the mat representing dojos from all corners of the organisation the day was a great success.

The Basic Edged Weapons Course is the first of 3 levels dedicated to work with the knife. Future courses will include the Bokken, Hobo Jutsu, Ki, Side Handled baton to name just a few.

The afternoons session began with the famous Ishin-Ryu run, to warm us all up…and get a little practise before the December grading.

Kevin Pell Sensei honored with a place in
Combat Magazine’s
“Black Belt Hall of fame”

On Saturday the 6th October 2001, Kevin Pell Sensei and 26 representatives from his dojos attended the Combat Hall of Fame Awards ceremony hosted by Paul Clifton, the editor of “Combat Magazine”. Kevin Pell Sensei was inaugurated into the “Hall of Fame” in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the martial arts.


Shodan Kevin Pell Sensei Honoured At
Combat Magazine’s “Black Belt Hall Of Fame”
Aston Villa Football Ground, Birmingham
October 2001

On Saturday the 6th October 2001, Kevin Pell Sensei and 26 representatives from his dojos attended the Combat Hall of Fame Awards ceremony hosted by Paul Clifton, the editor of “Combat Magazine”. Kevin Pell Sensei was inaugurated into the “Hall of Fame” in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the martial arts.

Kevin Pell Sensei began his Martial Arts career on the 6th of October 1966, So to be honoured with his award some 35 years later, to the day, was an unexpected bonus for all concerned. To further add that he and his daughter, Victoria, also share the same birthday on the 6th of October made the evening just perfect.

Paul Clifton presented Kevin Pell Sensei with his award, a silver and gold plate with the following inscription:

Presented to
In recognition of his
The Development of Martial Arts in the United Kingdom and around the world
Paul Clifton – Editor, 2001


Sensei Trevor had arranged a black stretched limousine to pick up Kevin Pell Sensei and his Dan grades from the hotel to arrive in true Ishin Ryu style.

Among the 26 representatives who accompanied Kevin Pell Sensei were his Sensei’s, Paul Fox, Mark Hayden-Smith, Trevor Steward, Les Crook, and the Portuguese director for Ishin Ryu, Sensei Joao Santos.


Kevin Pell Sensei with his
daughter Victoria


Left to right: Sensei Trevor Steward, Sensei Paul Fox,
Kevin Pell Sensei and Sensei Mark Hayden-Smith
Left to right: Sensei Joao Santos,
Kevin Pell Sensei and Renshi Les Crook


Sensei Paul’s News Update
Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu
October 2001
This month has been a busy month at both clubs, settling in to a new Sports Centre in Bushey and trying to cope with the huge level of interest that Ishin Ryu has generated in Harrow. I’ll start with the newest addition to the family.Harrow Adults
Five students now train regularly on a Friday night. Adult classes always seem slower to grow than the childrens and I guess Friday night is a busy social occasion but what better way is there to work up an apetite for a few beers than a couple of hours training! Congratulations to Karen Hickey, Mike Vella & Mark Davis who have taken the plunge and joined the ‘famous five’ in getting their weekend off to a thumping start (literally!)Bushey
The transition to the new centre has been seamless for the children – I wish I could say the same for the organisation behind the sports centre!Bushey Adults
The new centre has brought a rush of adults eager to try Ishin Ryu. For most of them one nights training was enough but Nelson Board and Waseem Gulzar came, saw and decided they wanted more. I’m looking forward to teaching and training with you both.Sensei Paul Fox.

Norwich Dojo Opens – September 2001

On the 8th September a new dojo was opened in Norwich, at the Norwich Sports Village. Demonstrations were given by infants from the Thetford dojo, juniors from the Honbu dojo and an advanced demonstration by Sensei Trevor Steward and Sempai Dale Clark. Over 30 adult students who attended, (representing many of our adult dojos), trained with Kevin Pell Sensei in front of a live audience. This dojo will be run on Tuesday evenings by Sensei Trevor Steward.

Harrow Dojo Opens – September 2001

On the 7th September a new dojo was to opened in Harrow. This dojo will be run on Friday evenings by Sensei Paul Fox, Sempai Andy Tierney & Sempai Carl Crampton. A packed audience of about 50 members of the public were invited onto the mat to receive a hands on insight into the ways of Ishin Ryu.

Kevin Pell Sensei Awarded 7th Dan – July 2001
Kevin Pell Sensei awarded his Shichidan (7th Dan)
On Tuesday 10th July 2001 Kevin Pell Sensei was presented with his Shichidan (7th Dan) by Dan grades of the Sekai Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu Renmei world technical council. The award was sanctioned by Dr. Vernon Bell Hanchi (10th Dan), Steve Grayston Hanchi (9th Dan) and Lewis Whitney Hanchi (8th Dan). The rank of Shichidan was awarded for his dedication to the promotion and propagation of Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu throughout the world.

12 anniversary senior masters and senseis2
From left to right: Joe Luna-Cantos Kyoshi (7th Dan), Kancho Alfred Bates
Hanshi (9th Dan), Kevin Pell Sensei, Rev. Dr. Vernon Bell Hanshi (10th Dan),
Stephen Grayston Hanshi (9th Dan), Don Jellico Hanshi (8th Dan), Clive Preece
Shihan (6th Dan), Trevor Steward Sensei (1st Dan), Mark Hayden-Smith Sensei
(2nd Dan), Paul Fox Sensei (3rd Dan).


Tuesday 17th – Sunday 22nd April, Wales, United Kingdom
Kevin Pell Sensei will be the guest chief instructor for Ju-Jitsu at The Tokushima Budo Council International Budo Festival to be held at The Kiln Park Holiday Centre in Tenby, Pembrokeshire, Wales. Also in attendance will be senior students from the Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu combat training wing. This will be the ideal opportunity to study the no holds barred art of Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu combined with a mini-break.


Saturday 3rd March 2001, Elstree, United Kingdom
The 11th Anniversary of The Sekai Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu Renmei will be hosted by Kevin Pell Sensei. In attendance will be Wiggo Fiskaa Sensei and Ove Odegard Sensei (National Directors of Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu Norway) and Joao Santos Sensei (National Director of Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu Portugal). The evening will commence with opening demonstrations from England and Portugal followed by the annual awards presentation ceremony. This year see’s the return of many of the UK’s leading martial artists, who will be representing the arts of Ju-Jitsu, Karate, Judo, Iaido and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The entertainment this year is provided by, none other than, Paul Mckenna’s father, George, who will be amazing the audience with his hypnotic floor show. Following the 3 course dinner there will be dancing until the early hours.


Friday 9th – Monday 12th March 2001, Madrid, Spain
Kevin Pell Sensei will be the Senior Master during this weekend of Ju-Jitsu hosted by Pedro Dabauza, one of Spain’s leading Judo and Ju-Jitsu teachers. Kevin Pell Sensei will be teaching his internationally renowned style of Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu including his devastating Special Forces Tactical Knife programme, gun disarming techniques, arrest and restraint, kubaton, no nonsense self defense and an introduction to basic close protection skills.


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