Ishin Ryu Ju Jitsu
Advanced Training Wing
9th July, 2016


Event Description: Advanced training day to incorporate technical and coaching skills for all grades brown belt and above

Date: Saturday 9th July, 2016

Time: 14:30-18:30

Location: Honbu Dojo, The Street, Caston, NR17 1DD

Age range: Adult

Dress code: Dogi, zori, Ishin Ryu grey hoody and uniform T-shirt.

Equipment requirements: All Ishin Ryu training equipment and weapons etc. camera, note pad and pen, first aid kit, running kit, trainers, swimming trunks, wash kit, towel and beer tokens.

Special Instructions: As always the “Eat Together” policy will apply. Venue to alternate according to the wishes of the pack.





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