Hopton (U16’s) Ju Jitsu Club
Monthly Report
November 2016

Grapple time…

November was a strange month as we didn’t get as much training as we wanted to. With myself being away for one week the school had the following week as school holidays. The week after that fell on a teacher’s PD day (professional development) meaning all-in-all we only had was one session. October out of the way we start November nice and fresh. At the start of the month I arrived at the location with it pouring down with rain – luckily it’s not far from my trailer to get the mats into the school.

I placed my mats in the main school hall and adjacent to the hall were the mums and dads setting up for a cake sale. The children like to finish their day off by buying cakes. The children that practice Jiu Jitsu get themselves ready, buy the most succulent cake and place to the side for when they go home. It’s a nice treat for themselves after having a sweaty session.

Congratulations to student of the month, November 2016

With everything sorted the children line up at the side of the mat waiting to be called on, a quick attendance, water and footwear check. All those absent of either two results in 10 burpees. Usually, you hear them saying I need to do burpees Sensei as I have forgotten my water.

With only a couple absent of gear, I got them onto the mat and explained to them that I will be handing out a few letters and explained what they are. After admin was sorted, straight into warm-up (jogging on the spot, jumping forward and back, side-to-side, tuck jumps, and sprinting on the spot) with a quick sip of water I sat them on the edge and went over our grading techniques for next month. There was one technique that they haven’t done (Schoolyard bully) this intrigued them all except Cameron Bremner who was aware as he has been practicing at the Bishops Jiu Jitsu club on a Wednesday.

With the class, happy with what we were doing they were all sent away to develop this new technique. Near the end of the lesson I got them to come out in front of the class and demonstrate the technique — I was very impressed by how well they picked the technique up. Finished off with multiple rounds of grappling and game. (Handed out grading letters, hooded top letters and belt tying sheet — which must be learned by grading)

Schoolyard bully!

Soooo… much fun![/caption
The following few weeks we worked on all techniques that were needed for gradings which will be on Friday 9th December with presentations the following week 16th December. This will be the last lesson of the year as the school will be having their end of year party on the following Tuesday. Everything has been going smooth considering nearly losing all of October. Looking forward to seeing you all in December for gradings and presentations… Don’t forget to keep practicing to tie those belts J

[caption id="attachment_11876" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] I’m being squished…

Lovely technique Harry!

If you are interested and curious to what Ishin Ryu Jiu Jitsu is all about, please do hesitate to visit our website below, alternatively you can ring our headquarters on 01953 483795 where you can speak directly to our chief instructor Kevin Pell Sensei.

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Many thanks,

Del Shannon Sensei & Kevin Pell Hanshi

I will hold on!

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