High Elms Manor (U16’s) Jiu Jitsu Club
Term Report
Autumn 2016

Happy class with new belts

This term I would like to say a big well done to Adikeshav Gathiram on becoming this terms student of the month. Adi is a hard worker and never gives up, he listens to everything that has been said and is always the first one with his hand up. I use him a lot as my helper and he reminds me of a younger me. Well done Adi keep it up!!

student of the month Adikeshav Gathiram

All our students this term have been working on their basic breakfalls and rolls, with everyone showing a big improvement from last year and are settling into the class well.

Throughout the month I wanted to see how they would cope with basic grappling, I paired everyone up with someone roughly their size and weight. With lots of smiles, I knew they were enjoying themselves.

With the Grading day on the doorstep and the children, all lined up on the side of the mat, where they had a quick pep talk to let them all know what is expected of them. A large “OSU,” was shouted and we were ready to go.

very proud to see them with their new belts

Karen Bradley, the senior student of the class, then called the line-up. After line-up, questions were then asked to all students about the terminology we use within Ishin Ryu Ju Jitsu. We then went through a warm-up before moving straight into their breakfalls. I watched our three young students working so hard, as it was their first belt they were assessed on their rolls and breakfalls, how they coped with a little fitness and grappling.

We have a mixed class of Infant and juniors, so the different groups are assessed slightly differently. They all had to do the same exercises, press-ups, sit-ups, leg raises and burpees; Infants started at five of everything and juniors started at ten; the higher the belt the more was required of them. I did state to them that if they felt they could push themselves further they were more than welcome to, but can stop at their required amount.

With fitness done, it was time for techniques. Paired up, I shouted which technique I wanted them to perform, each side repeating the technique over and over again. We continued this process and mixed it up with fitness and standing grappling. The class worked extremely hard and I was only too happy to inform them all they have passed their grading’s.

I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and have a wonderful new year and I look forward to seeing everyone back in the New Year.

working hard on some front strangles

If you are interested and curious to what Ishin Ryu Jiu Jitsu is all about, please do hesitate to visit our website below, alternatively you can ring our headquarters on 01953 483795 where you can speak directly to our chief instructor Kevin Pell Sensei.

Please visit our website www.ishinryu.com as much as possible as I submit reports every month about the students training during the previous month. This is a great opportunity to see if you have been mentioned or appear in a photo.

Please also have a look at the calendar to see upcoming events so you can plan ahead… You can also now leave feedback on each of the reports or comment on your son/daughters club and share them to your Facebook pages.

If you have any questions or you are unsure of anything, please catch me at the club where I will be happy to help!

If you are on Facebook, please can you send me and Kevin Pell a friend request so if we need to pass on information quickly I can contact you, and when the reports go up I can share it to your Facebook page so you get it straight away…

Many thanks,


Tom Garvin Sensei & Kevin Pell Hanshi

The class throwing their old belts in the air

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