Fairfield School Fete
June 2014

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The day started with glorious sunshine lifting the spirits at the Fairfield’s school fete. There was lots to do including raffles, bouncy castles and all kinds of displays to watch. Ishin Ryu Ju Jitsu’s display was set for 2.00pm, unfortunately five minutes before our display the heavens opened and everyone ran inside to the school hall. But a little bit of rain has never stopped us before and we set up our mats in the hall and carried on with our demonstration.

We started off with breakfalls, showing everyone what we do in class. We then moved on to some self-defence techniques, which all the parents and children were amazed at. The team was throwing each other into the mat and showing all kinds of locks and chokes – impressive to watch. For the last part of the children’s demonstration we decided to show everyone how physically fit Ishin Ryu students can be. The team showed everyone a fitness test (which consists of press-ups, sit-sup, leg raises and burpees) and a couple rounds of grappling; once again everyone was impressed. As the children finished they had a massive round of applause from everyone in the crowed.

Now it was time for the adults to show off their stuff. Myself and Sempai Tom put on an adult self-defence demonstration. There were loud aggressive strikes and fast and furious throws into the mat. The audience was astounded to see two people take so much punishment and still get back up for more. Every time one of us was to land on the floor all you would here from the audience was “ohhh ahhhhh”. After the demonstration again another massive round of applause, I think they all enjoyed watching.

I would just like to thank our wonderful demonstration team who put on a cracking demo for everyone to watch, you all done so well and you should all be proud of yourselves. And lastly I would like to thank Fairfield School for having us back another year. It was a great Fete and hopefully next year the rain will hold off.

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 Sempai Jack O’Brien


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