Caston Ju Jitsu Club
Monthly Report, May 2015

Kids v's adults

Kids v’s adults

May was BUSY!!

Starting at the beginning, as so many people do, we kicked off the month with all the children weighing in for the competition and going over the rules – lots of excited kids out there, and lots of nervous parents too. Don’t worry I feel your pain! My littlest, Jasmine, will be doing her first comp aged 4. I am way more nervous than she is!

Student of the month Infant – Artimes Bruce

Student of the month Infant – Artimes Bruce

Student of the month junior – Sam Lucas

Student of the month junior – Sam Lucas

Students of the month for May were awarded to:-

Infants went to Artimes Bruce. “Arti” as she is known in class is one of my little blonde angels. She is a fiery little character who is not afraid to let me know when she is not impressed! Arti always tries really hard and with older siblings is a tough little cookie. She is a delight to teach and recently been joined in class by her younger sister. It’s so lovely to see her take on a “big sis” role and show her little sister how it’s done. Well done Artimes.

Junior student of the month was awarded to Sam Lucas. Sam has really improved over the past few months. He is really starting to pick up the techniques and his fitness is great. This is all down to his hard work and commitment to training- he always gives his all and is a pleasure to have in class. Well done Sam.

I would just like to say well done to Liam Munday for his Student of the Month award last month – even though I lost his picture- so here it is as promised!

Student of the Month April - Liam Munday

Student of the Month April – Liam Munday

The first weekend in May was occupied by a course at the Ishin Ryu headquarters by Sensei Dave Wilson. Sensei Wilson is a long standing friend of Ishin Ryu and it’s a great opportunity to get him to travel to Norfolk for a seminar.

The second weekend bought the excitement of the Children’s Championships. The day was a resounding success with some wonderful displays of sportsmanship, some great throws and a supportive and noisy crowd. Every child participating was given a great Ishin Ryu medal to remind them of their efforts- well done to all those who took part and for those who turned out to show support.

Honbu Infants at championships

Honbu Infants at championships

Honbu Juniors and Teenagers

Honbu Juniors and Teenagers

And the grand conclusion of life at Honbu this month was the culmination of about 18 years training when Sempai Thomas Garvin stepped up (for a second time) to attempt his Shodan (Black Belt)

For those of you in the know you will understand that this is not for the faint hearted. I won’t go into details as no doubt Tom will be writing his own report but suffice to say the two days were a resounding success and it is with pleasure that we will now refer to him as Sensei Tom!

Sensei Tom's Special Day

Sensei Tom’s Special Day

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Monthly Report, May 2015

  1. Del Shannon - Honbu Dojo // June 24, 2015 at 11:50 am // Reply

    Nice report Sensei Sheila…! It was a busy month…

    Congratulations Sensei Tom, fantastic effort!

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