Caston (Adults) Ju Jitsu Club
Special Report
7th, July 2015

A great night's training.

A great night’s training.

On Friday 7th July 2015 we were graced by the presence of Sensei Tom Starling of The International Budo Federation Jiu-Jitsu and Kobudo England. We were further graced by the presence of Sensei Tom Starling Snr and what a delightful double act they were.

Sensei Tom,  7th Dan Jiu Jitsu is a great instructor and a true gentleman, he is clearly following in the footsteps of his father Professor Tom Starling 8th Dan.

Professor and Sensei working their magic

Professor and Sensei working their magic

An evening of great teaching commenced and everyone trained hard with big smiles, I know this duo teaching at Ishin Ryus Headquaters has great meaning for Sensei Kevin Pell as Professor Tom was instrumental in Sensei Pells learning of martial arts as a child.

Despite Prof. Starlings tender years (I’m sure he won’t mind me disclosing it is 80+) he moved around the matt like a sprightly teenager, and threw, tripped and twisted Sensei Tom like he was a feather. Sensei Tom and Tom senior have clearly worked many a seminar together as a father and son team and their energy was both refreshing and a pleasure to be a part of.

Professor Starling teaching behind his back.

Professor Starling teaching behind his back.

Despite momentarily losing the Toms at the wrong public House, we followed up the great nights training with a wonderful meal and chatted away into the small hours.

A big thanks to Sensei Tom junior and senior – a great night had by all and we hope to see you back at Honbu again soon.

Professor Starling and Soke Kevin Pell

Professor Starling and Soke Kevin Pell

Simon charming the ladies!

Simon charming the ladies!

4 Comments on Caston (Adults) Ju Jitsu Club
Special Report
7th, July 2015

  1. Lou Panteli Sempai // September 13, 2015 at 10:09 am // Reply


    Brilliant night’s training and what an honour to meet Professor Starling. Took me back to the old days Soke when I was a tiny little tom boy training in Stoke Newington. Hmm still little and…

    Sempai Lou

  2. A great report from the Caston jiu jitsu club and what a great honour to have Tom Starling and Tom Starling junior teach the evening at the Honbu Dojo.
    Much respect and thanks from all of us Sensei…

  3. patrick davis // August 24, 2015 at 6:21 pm // Reply

    What a wonderful legacy. Unless you know where you have been, you cannot tell how far you have come.
    Seeing Soke with the man who started him on the road to where he is today should Professor Starling proud, just as Soke is able to look at Students such as Sensei Tom, who is following the same path.
    Knowledge accepted, polished, and passed on.
    On the shoulders of giants we stand.

  4. Ouss… A particularly outstanding evening, with a great combination of ‘Old School & ‘Old School’… creating absolute… OLD School’, with humour & excellence in attitude, example & actions…
    Up guards & at em…
    Thank you to Soke Kev & all at Honbu, for the opportunity to train with two gentleman legends…
    A special thank you to those delightful ladies, heroes of mine too…
    Who consistently balance ‘Fluffy & Cute’, with lethal & inspiring… Domo Arigato.
    Honour & Respect, Simon

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