Bushey Tuesday Ju Jitsu Club
Monthly Report, July 2014

Bushey Tuesday July Report 2014 by Tom Garvin Sempai

The junior class with their new belts

This month has been a busy one for the Bushey dojo with everyone working so hard, and getting excited for their grading’s at the begging of the month.

I would like to say a big well done to Scottie Turner on becoming student of the month for July. I know he has been trying so hard with training and he is always willing to help over students in the class. Well done Scottie keep up the good work.

Student of the month for Infants Scottie Turner

Student of the month for Infants Scottie Turner

This month the students had their national grading putting to the test the moves they have learned over the past four months and showing true Ishin Ryu spirt. With loads of hard work over the past months it is now time for the infant class to put it in to action.

The class started off so well that I had a good feeling that this would be one of the best grading’s this class has ever done, running in to line for the start of the lesson with Tiya Patel being the highest grade in the class calling up to get everyone in line. Tiya is a white purple belt grading to white brown and she has come a long way in her training.
With the line-up done and getting straight in to the grading with a warm up and fitness with loads of amazing press ups, sit ups, star jumps and running the kids soon got every part of the body nice and warm, with the Dojo being warm already we made sure that the students had loads of water as well because they were working very hard. Some of the moves the kids have been learning for their grading has been some basic self-defence moves from a punch, a push and also someone trying to hold them on the floor. With quick reactions the class had done all five moves perfectly with loads of fitness and some grappling on the floor.

With some of the lower belts showing me all I needed to see I got them to sit down, and watch the high grades going over some of the basic hold downs and also stand up grappling, trying to throw their partner down and hold them on the floor. Scottie Turner and Tiya Patel went out to the front of the class and had to do some more stand up grappling and showing me basic fighting stances hold downs and some outstanding press ups which I could not fault.

To finish off the grading we went over some history question about Ishin Ryu Ju Jitsu because it is so important to know the history of what you are doing. All the students hands where going up at every question. I have to say the class worked so hard and they put 100% in each week, well done everyone on an outstanding grading.

This month the junior class have been training hard getting ready for their grading. With the grading so close it was a scary time for everyone but as soon as the day arrived it was like a normal lesson, but I was dressed up all smart in my federation dress and not in my dogi. With an outstanding grading form the infant class it was time for the juniors to kick butt as well.

We started the grading off with a history and knowledge test first making sure that all the kids are up to scratch with their Ishin Ryu history making sure they understand that doing a marital art isn’t just about throwing each over and punching and kicking it’s much more than that.

Once that was out of the way we moved it up a gear and got into the warm up and fitness with the yellow belts grading to yellow black doing an amazing 15 press ups, sit ups, leg raises and burpees. After the fitness and rounds of grappling from kneeling and also standing everyone was working so hard I could not fault them.
I am very pleased to say that everyone passed with flying colours I am so proud of everyone and it’s become an amazing club with fantastic students.

Student of the month for July in the junior class is Thesanya W-Perera. She is a hard worker and I know that she is really enjoying her training. She doesn’t mind getting stuck in with the boys and getting pulled about when grappling, she never gives up and is always training hard each week. Well done Thesanya keep up the good work and keep training hard.

Student of the month for the juniors class Thesanya W-Perera

Student of the month for the juniors class Thesanya W-Perera

Bushey Tuesday July Report 2014 by Tom Garvin Sempai

Mia Langston and Lauren Kelly showing a shoulder arm lock in their grading.

Bushey Tuesday July Report 2014 by Tom Garvin Sempai

Some of the infant class doing some stand up grappling.

Bushey Tuesday July Report 2014 by Tom Garvin Sempai

The infant class working hard on their press ups

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