Bushey Monday (U16’s) Jiu Jitsu Club
Monthly Report
November 2016

Happy Junior class

Congratulations to Joseph Carrie from the Infants, Zachary Jacobs from the first Junior group, and Bethan Mitchell from the second Junior group receiving student of the Month for November 2016.

Infant student of the month Joseph Carrie

Junior student of the month Zachary Jacobs

At the beginning of the month, the Infant and two junior classes were preparing themselves with the last minute revision needed for their class gradings on the 7th November. The children have been learning a number of techniques. The Infant class were tested on basic ground work and some throws for the higher grades, they were also tested on the follow up to these techniques which were Handshake sweep, handshake sweep hold down, shoulder hold and shoulder hold to the mount.

The junior classes were tested on the same as the infant class and also some basic throws. All classes were also tested on their physical abilities, dependent on the grade of the belt. The higher the belt, the more was required of them.

We started all three classes off the same way, with a warm-up before moving onto their basic breakfalls. All three classes had the same fitness activities to perform; press-ups, sit-ups, leg raises, and burpees. The Infant class started with five of everything if they were at white belt and then increasing, as the belt gets higher.

Happy infant class with proud mums and dads

The junior classes followed the same steps but the white belts starting with ten’s and then increasing. From here we tested all the classes on their techniques practiced for grading; the students worked really hard with fitness tests in between. With lots of rounds of standing grappling, they were getting a little hot and sweaty and it really showed they were working hard.

Near the end of the gradings, we got all the higher belts to come into the middle where they will perform extra fitness and more standing grappling. Each time they performed standing grappling they would perform fitness and then repeat the process. This is very tiring, but, with a lot of grit and determination, they fought on.

Well done to you all.

The following week we had class presentations. They have all been working extremely hard leading up to the grading’s so each class is rewarded with half of the lesson being games.

With the games finished, it was time for presentations. The highest belt is called to line-up the class formally in grade order to start the presentations. Starting with the lowest belt, each child is called up one at a time to receive their new belt and certificate and applauded by all students, parents and family watching.

Lovely stamp kick to finish him off

The last week before the end of the month we worked on our press-ups. Starting right at the bottom we worked on shoulder strength, coupled with core stability mixed up with extra fitness. We all had fun with doing press-ups. Paired up, one child would lay on their belly with their first placed on the floor underneath their partner’s chest. The opposite person would perform a press-up by lowering their chest to the fist and push back up again without their knees touching the floor. Some found this challenging but had great fun doing so.

I gave all three classes homework; each student on a daily basis would perform in one go as many technically correct press-ups. If they stopped by placing their knees down or could not continue then they would record it onto paper and then repeat the process the following day. I made a big emphasis on correct technique and only do as much as physically possible. With this repeated process they will improve on core and arm strength. I look forward to seeing how they have progressed.

The Teenagers have been using this month to revise their syllabus as in December they will be attempting their grading’s. They have all been working really hard and training has kicked up a gear with the yellow belts going over the basic throws and defences from back strangles.

I would like to say good luck to all the teenagers that are grading it will be hard and I know how every one of them feels, having been in their shoes before it is hard being this age trying to keep on top of school work and Ju Jitsu but in the end it will all pay off and one day you could be standing in front of Soke and the rest of the black belts taking on the hardest grading in the country maybe even the world!!

Loving the drags up the dojo

In December the club will be closed for two weeks for Christmas and New Year’s. Please see below the last lesson of the year and the first lesson back.

The last lesson of the year is:  Monday 19th December 2016

The first lesson back in the New Year is: Monday 9th December 2017

If you are interested and curious to what Ishin Ryu Jiu Jitsu is all about, please do hesitate to visit our website below, alternatively you can ring our headquarters on 01953 483795 where you can speak directly to our chief instructor Kevin Pell Sensei.

Please visit our website www.ishinryu.com as much as possible as I submit reports every month about the students training during the previous month. This is a great opportunity to see if you have been mentioned or appear in a photo.

Bethan Mitchell second junior student of the month

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Many thanks,


Tom Garvin Sensei & Kevin Pell Hanshi

Proud second junior class with happy parents

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