Bushey Monday Ju Jitsu Club
Monthly Report, June 2014

Getting those strangles just right…Congratulations to Kiah Mistry from the infants, Raffety Brown from the first junior group and Oliver Kaye from the second junior group awarded student of the Month for June 2014.
I would like to welcome along Guy Sherry to our second Junior group. Guy is settling in really well and picking up those all-important basic skills.

Throughout the month of June students from the Ishin Ryu Ju Jitsu Infant class worked on their stances before moving on to a more technical technique. To help their young minds focus on which leg should be forward, I used a reference point on their uniform to help aid getting it right. A little confusion was expected along the way but had great fun working on it.
In previous months we worked on different throws so this particular technique that we were practicing incorporated one of them throws we worked on which was called Major Outer Reap. Before that, we started doing a defence from a roundhouse punch. Stage by stage we worked towards achieving the block, then incorporating a throw and finishing off with a selection of ground pins called Scarf Hold, Shoulder Hold and Chest Hold.

To make it more exciting, I made a game from it normally played at the beginning or end of the lesson, which is called Stuck in the Mud. With them all running around one person would be the catcher, once caught you would stand still, as if stuck in the mud and the only way you could get free again was by another student crawling through you legs from behind, stand up face each other, high ten then perform the technique that we practiced. This was so much fun for them as they get lots of repetition and get fitter along the way.

The Junior groups worked on two rear strangles. Before we could go straight into these strangles it was necessary to go through all the safety aspects before starting to ensure the upmost safety was adhered to. With everyone happy, we worked on the following strangles: Rear Naked Choke and sliding Collar and Lapel.
Starting with one technique at a time I demonstrated to the class many times and then went around the class ensuring that each pair could perform this strangle with efficiency. I conducted the next strangle with the same format.
Throughout the month we have been working on a couple of different variations of throws called Half Shoulder and Full Shoulder. We had great fun learning these throws. With these techniques I also used the same game as with the Infant class to gain lots of repetition.

On the 9th June Teenage students conducted their class gradings. They all started the beginning of the lesson with rolls and breakfalls to ensure they could perform to a good standard. We swiftly moved on and started their grading. Going through their techniques they were pushing themselves through. With them all completing the technical side, we had a look at how they would cope with the physical side and mixed it up to get a good combination of both.

With them sweating and panting they were determined to not give up no matter what was thrown at them, true Ishin Ryu grit and determination. At the end I was pleased to inform them that they all passed and to look forward to the next week to receive their new belt and certificate.
The following week I was pleased to hand out their certificate and shiny new belt, which they can wear with pride.

The following few weeks we had a good circuit of fitness mixed up with standing and kneeling grappling. We also had a good technical lesson where all students could learn something new…

Ishin Ryu’s adult grades have been working on their syllabus as we had the Adults National Gradings on the 21st June, unfortunately none of the adults from the Bushey class were able to attempt their gradings this time around but am sure will get on the next run. Daniel Davis has joined us again after completing his exams. Daniel is getting back into the swing of things and pushing himself towards his next goal. Well done Daniel, keep up the good work! Alistair Tuhrim was back training in June and hopes he can keep up his commitment to training around his busy work schedule.
Sempai Tom Garvin was pushed physically in a lesson by Sempai Patrick Davies, Sempai Mike Tuohy and Sempai Jack O’Brien to see how his fitness has been going to try reaching his next goal, “Shodan,” (Black belt) a two day grading which will defeat anyone who is not physically or mentally prepared…

Infant class working on their fitness… Infant class working on their stances… Leo Enright working his magic on Joseph Miller… Sempai Patrick in a state of mind as Sempai Mike Tuohy demonstrates a technique Teenagers working hard during their gradings! Sempai Tom Garvin being pushed through his paces

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