Bushey Monday Ju Jitsu Club
Monthly Report
May 2015

Congratulations to Seth and Reece Freeman winning first and third place at Ishin Ryu Ju Jitsu British Championships!

Congratulations to Seth and Reece Freeman winning first and third place at Ishin Ryu Ju Jitsu British Championships!

Congratulations To Franek Kondratowicz (Infant class) Reece Freeman (1st Junior class) David –Constantin Tincu (2nd Junior class) all three boys have gave maximum effort to their training!

Congratulations to the students of the month for May 2015!

The first Monday of May saw another Bank Holiday. We were a little light but it still gave us a great opportunity to train. The Infant class started off with a light warm-up to get the body moving before getting them all in the middle to watch while I demonstrated to the class a self-defence technique. They quickly picked this up so were sent away to practice. With a few repetitions and swaps to partners they quickly grasped the technique so the class was called back to the middle. This time Sempai Jack O’Brien demonstrated a technique and the class went away to practice. There were small numbers so we could easily chop and change.

The second week of the month we started with class warm-up before working on some self-defence techniques. The first one was an escape from a bear hug to the front and finishing with an inside hock. The new students that were not use to a rear breakfall would practice this before trying the complete technique. The second was a repeat of what we practiced the previous week, “An escape from under the arms from the rear,” with a few being away because of the Bank Holiday; it was good to practice again. The last one was an escape from over the arms to the rear and finishing with a body drop, a throw practiced last month. Over the next few weeks we will keep practicing these to perfect.

The third week of the month we started with some relay races to get everyone warm and work a little on fitness; after a quick drink we went over techniques that were practiced over the past couple of weeks. I then travelled around to each pair and got them to demonstrate the techniques.

Infant class learning their self-defence techniques

Nice throw by Anton Jaffe!

Nice throw by Anton Jaffe!

The Junior classes practiced a defence from a grab to the chest; the student defending would break the hold, take hold of their partner and finish off with a strike. They really enjoyed this and quickly got the hang of it.

We then moved onto some standing grappling, firstly going over some dos and don’ts before we started having multiple rounds. The students were getting tired and you could see how taxing it was getting.

A good start to the month, well done to you all.

The following week, the Junior class were taken through details about the competition on Sunday 17th May, the layout, competition rules and any other details they may need to know. We continued the lesson with stand-up grappling and got as many rounds in as possible. The second Junior group followed the same details but also practiced a couple of escapes from a scarf hold. I showed two versions, one when their partners head is up and the other when down. With Sempai Jack O’Brien and myself moving around the matt to help out where needed.

The third week of the month I gathered the Juniors around so we could quickly talk about how the Championships went. The first Junior class watched a quick video of a fight and where quite amazed at some of the action. After a warm up we then worked on a defence from a hook punch, blocking it and finishing off with a throw and strike. We finished classes off with a few rounds of kneeling grappling.

Lovely technique by Ashley Kirwin!

Lovely technique by Ashley Kirwin!

As we had the Bank Holiday on the first week, the Teenager classes were not on but hopefully made up their lesson on the Friday class. The following week the class got started with their warm-up before separating into groups to practice their syllabus. I wanted to see what level they were at with their syllabus, who was ready and who was not. Near the end of this lesson we concluded with stand up grappling to get that blood pumping. I would like to wish Gabriel Van Wyk, Lauren & Kristian Parr who will be competing in the Teenager category; good luck and look forward to seeing those shiny medals.

The third lesson of the month the Teenagers got straight into learning their techniques after I got the class warmed up with a few rounds of throws and a little fitness, Sempai Tom Garvin helped with getting one half of the Teenager class up to scratch whilst I worked on the other half. Some of the students have a little more to learn before gradings. We have another Bank Holiday Monday next week so hopefully most students will make up the time on the other nights.

Teenagers working on their yellow belt syllabus

Teenagers working on their yellow belt syllabus

On the 17th May 2015, we had the British Championships and everyone was super excited for the day! The arena was all set up over the weekend and with all the referees arriving early Sunday morning for a quick briefing.

Young Seth Freeman entered into the Infant category within his weight division and was ranked British Champion. “Well-done Seth” he was so excited about where he came in the competition; this made me really proud that all the hard work had paid off. Hugh Major also entered and had some really good fights; Hugh tried really hard which made me really proud.

In the Junior category Reece Freeman and David-Constantin Tincu were ranked 3rd place British Champions in their weight division, “Well-done Reece and David,” Roman Cody and Ashley Kirwan also entered but unfortunately didn’t quite make the top three rankings but only marginally missed out. The competitive streak of each student has increased immensely even since last years competition. Well-done to all of you, it makes me really proud of you! Next year will be better, with more experience you really will be on the podium next time around.

Lauren and Kristian Parr also entered and were ranked British Champions in their weight division, what a fantastic day for both of them to walk away with gold medals. Bushey Monday Ju Jitsu club really did perform at a fantastic level. Well-done everyone

Next month we look forward to getting maximum practice for the gradings in July.

Basic fitness!

Basic fitness!

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Monthly Report
May 2015

  1. Del Shannon - Honbu Dojo // June 24, 2015 at 10:55 am // Reply

    Thank you Soke, Sensei Trevor, all students worked extremely hard and “yes,” very proud…!!


  2. TREVOR STEWARD // June 20, 2015 at 12:13 am // Reply

    well done to all the students that took part in this years championship. you all did really well and showed great support to your club and the organisation.

  3. You must be very proud Sensei Del,
    The Bushey Ishin Ryu Ju Jitsu club just goes from strength to strength…

  4. Del Shannon - Honbu Dojo // June 16, 2015 at 10:14 am // Reply

    Congratulations to all those that entered into the British Championships and successfully achieved those fantastic medals – Very proud of you all… Well done

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