Bushey Friday (U16’s) Jiu Jitsu Club
Monthly Report
November 2016

Very proud junior class with their new belts

I would like to start this month of by saying a big well done to Anya Lunavat in the infant class and Oscar Herold in the junior class for becoming this month’s student of the month. Both students have worked extremely hard with helping the lower belts with their training and also working hard on their own training with some amazing moves I can see that they have come a long way from last year. Keep up the good work.

infant student of the month Anya Lunavat

junior student of the month Oscar Herold

The infant class in Bushey Dojo have spent the last month in training for the national gradings. They have all worked extremely hard and I have to say it paid off.

The infants have been enjoying their lessons, with a mixture of techniques, games, and fitness. We have been learning major outer reaps and knee wheels for the infants next grading. Alfie Fish has been training hard and is perfectly executing these techniques.

Each week, the class has ended with fitness tests, grappling and a few extra fitness tests to really make sure. I would like to say well done to Kara Tsangaris who has demonstrated some excellent throws. Keep up the good work.

Happy infant class with their new belts

As the gradings came to a close the infants became anxious and wanted to get it over and done with. We started off with a warm up then moved straight into the throws and then fitness. By the end, everyone was hot sweaty and relieved when we said they had all passed it was a great grading and I’m extremely proud of the whole class.

The junior class has continued practicing grappling as a warm up, before moving on to major outer reap throws and body drops, and finishing with a hold down. The students have all worked hard to make sure these techniques are perfect as they were in the next grading.

On the day, all of the children were excited and performed extremely well. Well done to everyone.

grappling time

Lastly, the teenager class, with their grading coming up fast, the class started to get nervous. This was the first grading for the teenagers as a class, which has only recently opened. No one is sure on what the grading will be like, but they know it’s going to be hard. In preparation for this, the class have been learning their white belt syllabus and keeping themselves fit. We have also been practicing a lot of stand-up grappling which the class enjoys.

In December the club will be closed for two weeks for Christmas and New Year’s. Please see below the last lesson of the year and the first lesson back.

The last lesson of the year is:  Friday 16th December 2016

The first lesson back in the New Year is: Friday 6th December 2017

packed teenager class.

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