Borehamwood (U16’s) Saturday Jiu Jitsu Club
Monthly Report
November 2016

Very proud Infant class with their new belts

This month I would like to start by saying a big well done to Ralph Travers in the infant class and Ramtin Tavakoli for the junior class on becoming November’s student of the month. Both boys work hard in every lesson and always want to help within the lesson. Well done boys and keep up the good work.

Infant student of the month Ralph Travers

Junior student of the month Ramtin Tavakoli

To start off this month both classes have been working hard on their grading work as the middle of this month both infant and junior class have their last grading of the year. Both classes have been working on ground holds and the junior class has also been learning some arm locks as well. Over the past three months, both classes have been working so hard and it has been amazing to see the change from the start of the year till now.

The infant class have been looking forward to getting a new belt and today was the day. With everyone working so hard I know it was going to be easy for them. We started off with a lineup and basic breakfalls, once that was done the fun started with some press ups and sit ups everyone doing 15 of each. Everyone did well with their fitness, and we then moved on to their ground work and basic throws putting it into action with some grappling.

With all the students doing two fitness tests and showing some amazing moves, we finished off the grading with some questions about Ishin Ryu Ju Jitsu and everyone’s hand went up. This class has come a long way this year and the last grading of the year did not disappoint everyone put in 100%.

Junior class with their new belts and proud mums and dads

The junior class did an outstanding grading from start to finish everyone showed how much they wanted to get a new belt. Showing amazing Ishin Ryu spirit it was something special to watch.  The grading started off with a line up with the class all lined up in front of shoman from their we did a basic warm up and breakfalls. Once that was out of the way everyone paired up and went over their arm locks and throws. Mixing it up everyone changed so they work with someone different they did the same again put this time putting the moves to work with grappling.

The class worked so well together I could not ask for better. With four fitness tests with everyone doing 20 press ups, sit ups, leg raises and burpees they put most adults to shame with how fit this class is.

To finish off the grading we got everyone sat down and asked them questions on the History of Ishin Ryu. Everyone has to get 2 questions right and everyone did 3 or 4 each. 100% for everyone in the class a perfect grading – I could not have asked for anymore.

The teenager class have been working hard on their next grading which is at the end of the year. With everyone putting the finishing touches on some of their moves everyone seems relaxed and ready for it. Keeping fit and strong we have been doing a lot of fitness and grappling with each over.
Please remember that in December we will be closing the club for two weeks for Christmas and New Year. Please see below for the dates of the last lesson and the return date.

Last lesson of the year: Saturday 17th December 2016

Back in the New Year: Saturday 7th January 2017

Lovely uppercut.

Callum Randel practicing a cross block with Zack Coin

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Many thanks,

Tom Garvin Sensei & Kevin Pell Hanshi

Sensei Tom Helping with an arm lock

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