Borehamwood Tuesday Ju Jitsu Club
Monthly Report, July 2014

Borehamwood Tuesday Report by Sempai Jack O'Brien

Well done to Jake Kingsmill for being awarded the student of the month award

Firstly I would like to say well done to everyone who took part in the gradings it was a very tough day and you all were amazing. Also I would like to say well done to our student of the month’s Jake Kingsmill and Adam Knight you both have worked hard and deserve to wear that belt.
The Infant Class that train in Borehamwood have just all completed their grading. It was probably one of the toughest grading any of them have ever faced if they had even ever faced one at all. The class began by with a tough warm up which included lots of sprinting and burpees, once all the students looked sufficiently sweaty they were given thirty seconds to grab a quick drink of water and were then directed in Japanese to demonstrate their breakfalls. All of the children at this stage had demonstrated how far their fitness levels had come and were clearly very prepared for the day’s grading.
The next part of the grading was technical and passing this section would require mental strength given how tired the children were now. The first technique to be shown was the side control on the ground, a useful technique in grappling. The children then stepped up with their partner each being observed very closely to make sure that the technique was with no hic-cups what so ever. The next technique to be demonstrated was the Side four quarters, this is a slightly more difficult technique but the children once again showed their ability excellently and I’m proud to say all passed their grading.

The junior class that train in Borehamwood Tuesday have recently completed their grading after months of preparation. The grading began with a quick warm up as there was a lot to get through. The children then lined up in grade order to demonstrate all their breakfalls, including a front rolling breakfall. The children were then partnered with someone a similar grade as themselves and directed to their own spot in the dojo. The technical aspect of the grading was ready to begin and the Sensei announced that the first move to be demonstrated was the dropping reverse body drop, a very advanced technique that can be found in the adults’ Purple belt syllabus. The children however demonstrated it very well and were all able to progress to the next technique, the major outer reap into side control. This technique has two key aspects, the children had to be able to produce an excellent throw and then use the momentum from it to guide them and their uke (the person being thrown) into a side control on the ground position. It was clear at this point just how hard the students had been training as they were all done perfectly.
The next stage was to as the adult classes like to say “Turn the gas up” this was the physical aspect of the grading. This would be a test of strength and stamina. The children began several thirty second bouts of grappling each with press ups and burpees between them. Every student was pushed physically as the Sensei looked to get the best out of them and he was not left disappointed as they were all able to progress to their next belt after passing this grading.

The teenagers have been training hard to. They are well on their way to learning their techniques for their next grading. During the summer months the class get quite, this gives us a great opportunity to fly through the syllabus with the students. We have also been going through some basic self-defence techniques which the class has been enjoying. I would just like to say well done for everyone turning up and if you are going on holiday I hope you enjoy it and we will see you when you return.

Borehamwood Tuesday Report by Sempai Jack O'Brien

Infants enjoying presentation night!

Borehamwood Tuesday Report by Sempai Jack O'Brien

Juniors happy with their new belts!!

Borehamwood Tuesday Report by Sempai Jack O'Brien

Time for another fitness test!!

Borehamwood Tuesday Report by Sempai Jack O'Brien

Teenagers working hard

Borehamwood Tuesday Report by Sempai Jack O'Brien

Sempai Tom demonstrating a ground technique to the teenagers

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