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Monthly Report
November 2016

Junior students, Presentation photo with Mum’s and Dad’s

 The start of November was a cold evening so I got the children to put their jackets on whilst we wait for the remainder of the children to turn up for class. A quick check to make sure that all have their water bottles, footwear and of course uniform and belt. Everyone lined up, bowed onto the mat and sat quietly whilst we get ready to line up. The highest belt was called to line class up (Which was Luca lazar) Rather than calling the whole class up and it sometimes looking like a rabble, I get them to line up highest grade to lowest by command.

That way they start to learn the belt colours quick. Formalities at the start of the lesson, questions and teaching them to sit still. Straight into warm-up game and breakfalls. I sat them in the centre of the mat to recap on grading techniques, asking the question: who can name me one of the techniques we are learning? As the weeks go on, more and more are getting confident with the techniques.

They all went away pairs to practice all the techniques and went around to help. Sempai Jack popped in, stuck his Gi on and helped with everyone. Greatly appreciated, thank you Sempai Jack! After practice we made a game from it, to get the blood pumping! Grappling at the end with multiple changes and random fitness.

Game, line up and finish…!

Congratulations to students of the month, November 2016

Infant students, Presentation photo with Mum’s and Dad’s

The following week children starting arriving for grading, hats and clothes on as it was quite cold, a big Osu as they entered the hall, star card and sat down nicely. A quick greeting to the parents and getting them to sort out any admin, if needed.

With the time approaching 6pm, I got the infant students onto the mat and sat down nicely in front of me for a little pep talk to gee them up with what was ready to come. A quick memory test of technique names and then straight into grading.

The assessment went as follows: line-up (dojo kun, Japanese & English), questions on all things Ishin Ryu, Warm-up, breakfalls (fast and random) physical tests (20 of each: press-ups, sit-ups, leg raises & burpees) Water break and then into techniques: Handshake, twist, leg sweep / Handshake, twist, leg sweep, scarf hold / shoulder hold to the mount and school bully (Junior class only). In between these techniques burpees were also given for not Kiai on a command and a total of 40 extra burpees were given (Not in one go, increments of tens) After this it was grappling (stand-up) with multiple changes and casualty drags. The juniors used the same format but had different finish offs, stamp kicks & arm-bars. They also had to perform belt tying at the end when they were most tired and one more fitness test “Burpees,” and lots of them (Good effort with the belt tying although parents worrying if their child would fail because them not practicing) Very, very good grading…

Casualty drags during gradings

Fitness time…

The following week all students are super excited as they know it’s fun lesson and much of the lesson is dedicated to games with a small portion at the end for presentations and photos. (infants had a lot of different games whereas the juniors like to dedicate all for dodgeball – I usually bring a lot of balls so it keeps the game very interactive) Presentations went well with all parents coming onto the mat for a group photo. Good day with all going home super happy…

The last session of the month we had a new student join us in the infant class after having a trial lesson. This was Scarlet Yucaf who was a little shy to start off but is integrating well with the rest of the class. Isabelle block has taken a liken to her and try’s making her as comfortable as possible within the class.

Dylan Alter moved to the Junior class after completing all belts in the infants. Had a great lesson although a little overwhelmed by the size of the students. I partnered him up with students his size to make him comfortable…

New student Oskar Wosio now has his uniform and feels very much a part of the club. All junior students have been doing well with their belt tying…

With the gradings and presentations finished it was time to get back into learning more techniques. This lesson the students started and practiced the technique known as “body drop”

Next month we plan to carry on where we finished off and slowly bring the month to close ready for Christmas time when classes will be closed for two weeks…

See you all in December J

Great arm-bar Elizabeth!

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Nice and tight Aaron, well done…!

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