Borehamwood Thursday Ju Jitsu Club
Monthly Report, March 2014

At the start of the month I would like to congratulate Amy Leader from the Infant Class and Aimee Foltak from the Junior Class for being awarded Student of the Month for March 2014. Well done girls!!

What a gorgeous bunch of men...

What a gorgeous bunch of men…

March was going to be a busy month with the children’s gradings been scheduled for the middle of the month…  Find out what happened in the grading report!

The first lesson of the month, we worked on revision in preparation of the gradings so that we were confident everyone was prepared. The classes were split into their relevant grades, with lower belts learning all the basics and higher belts learning more advanced techniques.

With the higher belts of the Infant Class, I decided to do some more agility training, which typically consisted of rings placed on the floor .  The children had to step into the rings to get to their partner at the other side and initiate a technique.

After the gradings, I decided to split the junior group into four sections with lower belts together, leading all the way up to the higher belts.
We played a little game of Last Man Standing, where each person within his or her group would try and initiate a throwing technique on each other to see who would be the last student standing! This was a great game it showed who is confident with their throwing techniques and who is perhaps just using strength.

The adults throughout the month worked hard on the syllabus techniques.  Baring in mind that it’s the end of March now and the National Gradings are only in June, it’s amazing how quickly the grading day will come around.

Near the end of the month there was a Facebook challenge for all females to wear no make up in aid for cancer awareness. Sensei Andy Tierney, being very aware of this, decided it would be a good idea if the men of the dojo would do the opposite and decorate themselves in make up. This of course raised some eyebrows but gladly everyone was more than obliged to get themselves painted up. This was all for a very good cause and everyone saw the funny side of it!

The last lesson of the month was club social, but before we could have a drink, Soke decided to put us all through our paces and get us a little sweaty! Soke mixed the class up with multiple rounds of fitness, overs and unders, throws, fireman lifts, wheelbarrow runs and of course, good old traditional bag work. We finished the lesson off with a couple of the senior grades being placed under a little more pressure with standing randori. What a great lesson!  Now time to soak up our sweat and have a beer!

Well done everyone keep up the hard work and I look forward to seeing you all in April.

Georgie Sloshberg demonstrating a great technique on Cara Dobkin

Georgie Sloshberg demonstrating a great technique on Cara Dobkin

Agility training...

Agility training…

Great Figure Four Arm Lock by Arial Waxman

Great Figure Four Arm Lock by Arial Waxman

Syllabus training...

Syllabus training…

Sensei Kevin Pell putting us through our paces!

Sensei Kevin Pell putting us through our paces!