Borehamwood Thursday (Adult Jiu) Jitsu Club
Monthly Report
November 2016

Sempai Mike Tuohy enjoying himself on casualty drags

 Every lesson whilst the juniors are finishing the adults are preparing themselves for class, sorting out any admin with Sharon. The first protocol is handing in your attendance book so it can be stamped and returned. Generally, all are starting to warm-up and talk about the joys life brings or not…J I wait for parents to arrive due to traffic problems or the overcrowded car park but this is the responsibility of myself. Now that I have had the doors open for five minutes, any heat that was generated from the class before has now escaped which means Sharon sits at the desk and starts to shiver.

With the greeting formalities over, it is time for line up (burpees giving for Gi’s not being ironed enough and a general chat to everyone that more effort is needed on the uniform) After the line-up we went straight into warm-up and performed fart-lek training (running at high temp for a bit, jogging for a bit, and then repeat the process….) after this it was fireman carries around the mat, straight into breakfalls with slight changes to the format to get their minds thinking.

A little co-ordination drills, which was highly comical and boosted the morale. Straight into syllabus with everyone performing their belt fitness test as their warm-up. (Made a little harder for Sensei Sam and Sempai Jack by placing little resistance on leg raises and sit-ups, burpees with a tuck jump — this made the burpee even harder…)  it was then straight into syllabus to develop their skills. Finished class off with a good grapple…

Jake Rider making everyone feel that little bit smaller…

The following week, the adult students got themselves onto the mat after the children just had their grading. Sensei Sam got the class warmed up whilst I was getting changed. Performed line-up, breakfalls and then fitness: White belt fitness, hip throws, over and unders then as many burpees as you can do in two minutes. The class had a good warm-up and then went straight into syllabus after a quick water break. Sensei Sam Gladdy took Jake, Lee, and Olli through purple. Sempai Mike had Yasmin and Adam. Sempai Lou and Patrick worked with Alistair on green belt.

The class finished off with a good blast out: casualty drag (forward) around the circumference of the mat repeated with reverse casualty drag, then fireman’s carry around; we then continued with three rotations bear crawl backwards, three rotations bear crawl forward. Lee and Jake were not taking it seriously so were told to go around again in reverse crab. Grappling then finished off with press-ups… Fantastic effort – finished the class with giving those that that had not received their grading applications.

Sensei Sam loving his flexibility

Syllabus training

The third week of the month had big emphasis was on fine-tuning their grading techniques. I took some of the senior belt groups and tested them on blue and purple belt, a mock grading incorporating everything, fitness, throws, weapons and all out aggression and spirit. A little work is needed here and there but a good effort. The last week of the month was very similar but this time having the whole class together, starting at white and seeing how high we could go. As we got to certain belts, students that could not go any further would peel off to go over any bits that they struggled with. Sensei Tom arrived around 9 pm and helped students that that came out of the group.

We managed to get to purple belt with everyone thoroughly enjoying been put through their paces. Sempai Patrick spent his lesson looking after our new potential student Craig Thornton who is father to Elizabeth Thornton in the junior class. I don’t think it would have been fair for Craig to go through what the other belts performed. Craig enjoyed his lesson and I greatly appreciated the help that Sempai Patrick gave as am I…!

Throwing time…

We also had the pleasure of Sensei David Hussell visit our dojo this day and get stuck in as much as possible with students. I hope you have learned something new and likewise we hope to do the same. I look forward to seeing you many more times at the dojo where you will always be welcome!

Great to have you at the club Sensei Huss!

Adult gradings are only around the corner so I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible attempt your next belt, please hand in your grading applications asap.

See you all in December!


Lee Swain keeping his morale up!

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Monthly Report
November 2016

  1. Patrick Davis // January 9, 2017 at 3:53 pm // Reply


    Only a short hop, skip and jump to the Gradings and everyone was in great spirits!

    Great Training as always, with a good mix of fun and fizz

    Thanks once again Sensei’s

    Patrick Davis

  2. Another great month training. Nice report!

    Nick, Borehamwood dojo

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