Borehamwood Thursday Ju Jitsu Club
Monthly Report, April 2014

Photo 7 Borehamwood Dojo Thursday. (Feature photo)

Sempai Ruth smashing the pad!!

The Borehamwood Dojo started the month off with student of the month being awarded to Luca Lazar from the infants and Aaron Robbins from the juniors. “Well done”

We started the month with Infants learning their footwork for our Ju Jitsu technique Major outer reap. Placing two belts on to the mat similar to tramlines. One person would pull their partner along the mat to perform their technique. This uses the push/pull theory. If you push someone their natural reaction would be to push back and if you were to pull someone they would pull back. The idea, try get your partner to react and then take them in the direction they are pulling or pushing in.

We also worked on our Jiu Jitsu technique inside hock. Before we practiced this technique we needed to go over back breakfalls so each student knew what to do when they hit the floor.
We made lots of space and demonstrated the technique to remind them all about the little details. I then set them off to see what was the highest amount of back breakfalls they could achieve, they all performed ever so well. When I was happy I moved onto their Ju Jutsu technique; once perfected had a game to help with lots of repetition.

Infants during the month had a little go at punching a strike pad; with my bag of gloves I handed out to all students to insure they didn’t scuff their knuckles. It was a team racing game and a good way to work on fitness; they ran to the opposite end of the mat to perform multiple strikes, returning to swap with their partner.

All junior students had a go at learning how to break their partners balance, using stretchy bands. There were a few bemused faces initially as they started using them.
The advantage of using these bands meant that we could get lots of repetition whilst working our muscles. Working with are right arm first we pulled the band towards our mouth, I got the students to imagine they are drinking a glass of water, performing correct technique at all times. We swiftly moved onto the left arm, this time I got all students imagining they had a watch on their wrist and each time they pulled the band back they would look at their watch making sure that they had there pinkie finger uppermost. We practiced many times with each arm to finish the pulling action. All junior students tried combining both arms together to create one pull. With a little help here and there they performed this to a great standard.

The juniors worked on a combination this month, two throws combined together. We attempted a major outer reap whilst the other person would step back allowing space for the attacker to do an inside hock. We’ve been practicing these throws so were able to combine them well. We then finished off with standing randori to perfect the technique.

I would like to say a big welcome to Jordan Dickson, Luke Hassel and Conor Andrews who have joined us in the adult class from Sempai Tom Garvin’s teenager’s class at Potters Bar Dojo. I’m sure you will progress well and have no problems adapting.

The rest of the adult class worked together in pairs to work on their Ishin Ryu Ju Jitsu syllabus. At the end of the first lesson of the month we finished off with rounds of tabata training.
Tabata training is high intensity interval training. So work as hard as you can for a short period of time, say 20 seconds then rest for 10 seconds. I decided to mixed it up with different exercises so constantly working the heart then repeated this a few times. It left most of the adults with a good sweat on and an excellent finish off to the lesson.
The following week I worked the brown/black belts on their Jiu Jutsu syllabus as they have their up and coming Shodan-Ho (probationary black belt) grading scheduled for the 11th May 2014. We started off with white belt and worked our way through the belts completing every technique, every throw, every fitness test, bag work and to add a good old “spanner in the works” I got them all to get into a press-up position and raise their bodies just of the floor and pulse in rounds of ten completing fifty in total. They thought that was not to bad until I said they all must count to fifty with them all completing the task each time making a total of two hundred. With what they had gone through already made a big difference. With them all smiling and sweaty we swiftly continued with more syllabus. They all performed excellent and really showed their fitness levels.

During the month Simon Hoyles had to attend hospital after his finger swelled up like a balloon after getting a thorn infection that he left too long, thinking it would be ok but unfortunately that was not the case and had to have an operation to remove the thorn. “You crazy guy” Simon I wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to you returning very soon.

The rest of the month we kept up with our syllabus training as we have the adult gradings fast approaching.

I look forward to talking to you all next month when we should have some nice new shiny Shodan-Ho grades, hopefully recovering well…

Congratulations to Lucas Lazar for achieving student of the month, infants April 2014

Congratulations to Lucas Lazar for achieving student of the month, infants April 2014

Congratulations to Aaron Robbins for achieving student of the month, juniors April 2014

Congratulations to Aaron Robbins for achieving student of the month, juniors April 2014

Infant students enjoying their Throwing game

Infant students enjoying their Throwing game

Photo 4 Borehamwood Dojo Thursday.

A good turnout!

Photo 5 Borehamwood Dojo Thursday.

Aaron Nahani working on his pulling techniques using stretchy bands.

Photo 6 Borehamwood Dojo Thursday.

Adults working on fitness