Aldenham Thursday Ju Jitsu Club
Monthly Report, December 2014

Aldenham Thursday Ju Jitsu Club December 2014 (1)During December, the adult students got that final practice of their syllabus techniques before attempting their gradings on Saturday the 13th December 2014. To make sure that every adult student grading was given the best chance, I assigned a Sempai to that belt. The first and second weeks each student was taking through their techniques at a good pace to see how they were doing and tighten up on any last minute doubts.

We had a practice at their Ishin Ryu run to make sure all had the correct timing and terminology. Once we perfected this we had a few changes to the senior grades calling as they could be asked to take the run at any time.

William Forrester, Jordan Dickson and Jerome Badu attempted their 8th Kyu (White belt). Unfortunately Luke Hassel was unable to grade as due to just starting work before the gradings was unable to get the time off. Hopefully, Luke will be able to train hard and try attempt 8th and 7th Kyu next time around.
Rikesh Shah had to pull out during the last month due to work commitments abroad and stopping him from getting regular training. John Klapwijk, Olli Harviek, Daniel Davis attempted their 5th Kyu (Green belt). We finished the lessons off with a few leg exercises to get everyone a little sweat on.

I am proud to report that we had a hundred per cent pass rate and everyone worked extremely hard. Olli, who didn’t pass last time around, made a big improvement and was determined not to repeat the same process. John Klapwijk who has been with the club for a good number of years worked really hard trying to get as much training in as possible to complete his grading and move up a level. Daniel Davis performed exceptionally well and turned a few heads doing so.
I would like to congratulate every one of you on a job well done and a big thanks to all the senior grades that have been working with these students.

Aldenham Thursday Ju Jitsu Club December 2014 Aldenham Thursday Ju Jitsu Club December 2014 Aldenham Thursday Ju Jitsu Club December 2014

The last session of the year was changed so we could get Adult students together and have a bite to eat along side a little beverage. We decided to have a Chinese all you can eat buffet situated on the Borehamwood high street. We decided to meet at the Borehamwood dojo for about 8pm, pack the mats away after the children’s classes and then make our way down. It was an exceptionally good meal with everyone having a few portions. I think I had a little to much as I felt like I could wobble the time we finished.

Next month we look forward to celebrating Ishin Ryu Ju Jitsu’s 25th Anniversary. This event will take place on Saturday the 10th January 2015 when all Adult students, families, friends and all those invited will celebrate a quarter of a century of Ishin Ryu Ju Jitsu. This evening is set to be fantastic with great entertainment, food, keep sakes and much more. I look forward to seeing you all there when we can catch up and talk about what has gone and what will come in the future…

Remember guys, if you wish to grade in the summer you must attend the Anniversary dinner or you will miss out and have to wait.

With this year now at an end, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

I look forward to seeing you for our first session back on Thursday the 8th January 2015.

Aldenham Thursday Ju Jitsu Club December 2014 Aldenham Thursday Ju Jitsu Club December 2014

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